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Abuse By Desire

Hi this is a story of a little dog from puppy to starved adult. 

One day,Eddy, a dog was adopted by a man named Jaun Moskevitch. Jaun Moskevitch was a good owner until he and his wife
divorced. After the divorce Jaun went on drugs. Eddy, the dog, wasn't given any food and by the time he was a teenager
he almost was too weak to lift his head.

When Jaun started to go heavy on drugs no one could stop him so he died in his own home. But the bad thing was when he
died no one was there so no one knew he was dead.

Eddy was terrified. He was starving. He was hot in the house. The doors were shut and it was summer which meant no one
was home, so when he barked no one heard him.

When Eddy heard the neighbors coming back he barked and barked until his voice couldn't choke out one more thing. When
he heard some cops pull up he slowly dragged himself to the door and waited. By the time he got to the door he fell
asleep. He was so weak he could only go 2 meters and then he had to stop and rest.

Eddy got scared, and finally one of the neighbors knocked on the door. Eddy choked out a bark and the police stomped
down the door. Eddy, got so excited that when he saw the people he used all his energy and jumped to them.

When the ASPCA saw the dog they were utterly shocked that he was still alive! His
ribs showed clear, his eyes were so clogged with sleep he couldn't see, the pads on
the bottom of his feat were so dry they were cracking, and he was so weak he

The ASPCA took him in and after two days of hard work Eddy was finally strong enough
to walk around the room, but he could only walk for about 2 minutes then he had to
sit down.

On the fifth day of treatment Eddy could walk down the block from the ASPCA center
and not get tired. Eddy was so proud of himself. The ASPCA thought he was definetly
going to recover from his weakness and he would soon be a good enough to be adopted.

After 2 weeks of hard treatment, Eddy was so healthy he was more active than all the
other dogs in the ASPCA and in two days Eddy was adopted by a loving couple and two

If you want me to write more comment me---=)
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  Sydalicous12 — Page created: 21 April 2007
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Demonic_angel says:   22 April 2007   489167  
yay happy ending!^____^
Sydalicous12 says :   22 April 2007   112664  
lol hehehe do u want me to write more

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