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26 F United States of America
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I don't usually write very long 'about' areas, but I'm very bored tonight. So I'm going to give you a fucking book to read. I like to be called Devyn, but I have many different nicknames. One of them being "cheeks". But that should have been obvious, seeing as how it is the largest word on my profile. "cheeks" came from my annoyingly large babyface. I kind of hate it, but its whatever. I have a horrible temper, a short attention span, a list of bad habbits, a shy pressence to n00bz, I cannot stand change, I love very few, I hate many, I judge people on looks and first impressions, I am a mess. But doesn't everyone say that these days? Damn term is so overused. I have finally learned to not care what people think about me. Sure, I will always have those "what will ____ think if I wear this?", "Is my hair okay?", "Why are they staring?", blahblahblah. But I try not to think about what other people think of me too much. I am not br00t@l, I do not dye my hair multiple colors, I do not live on Myspace, my self esteem does not come from picture comments, music is not my boyfriend or my life, my mother comes before anything and anyone else, and I by no means think of myself as "original". All in all, I am not like all of you. But I am fine with that fact. I do like to make friends on here. Though I may come off as rude, or someone that doesn't like a lot of people, I do talk. I have met many cool people from many cool places over the years thanks to Myspace, and I would like to keep doing so in the future. Feel free to drop a line any time. Just make sure you can keep up a conversation, I will not do it for you. Oh by the way, if you read this, you are going to comment/message me saying "Devyn is a slut." If you are going to write something to me or just on your profile, why can it not be in proper english? Sure, you do not need to use big words and perfect grammar all of the time, but is it really necessary to TY93 L!K3 TH!$, oR ThIS, or say "cnt" instead of "can't"? Sure, it may be easier to take letters from words, but why must you take simple three letter words and make them into one letter? (example; "u" instead of "you"). I do not see the point. I am slut free. That means I am a girl of self respect. Please do not talk to me just to say awkward, horny things in hopes of having a "internet girlfriend" or to cyber. I do not do that. 1) I don't want a boyfriend. 2) Who has sex over the internet? Lame. If you are under eighteen and are whoring yourself as a bisexual all over your Myspace page, you are an idiot. You do not know these things yet, and are most likely going with the fad. People, you are not by any means bisexual, you are an internet bisexual. Yaknow, straight with a side of "I kissed a girl/boy". It's okay though, I know that many people are trying hard to fit in lately. You'll all get over it soon. Music. Though I said earlier that music is not my life nor my "boyfriend", I love it. I can listen to many different styles of music, though I would spends my days listening to Bring Me The Horizon rather than Taylor Swift. Drugs and alcohol are a part of my life. Sure, not a huge part, but its there. Yes, I have smoked my share of weed, but that does not mean I toak every day. I drink socially. I do not go home and mix a drink after school, I do not always have a drink at parties, and I do not spike all of my drinks with tequila. Socially means that I drink every once in a while at parties or with friends. Alcoholism is a common trait within my family, and I do not want to grow up and waste my life by being an alcoholic as I have watched many of my other family members do. I smoke. Not a lot, but it helps when I am stressed. It is nothing to brag about at my young age, and I am sure not proud of it. But like I said, it helps the stress. Lets move on to school. Oh hell. ihateitihateitihateit. There is so much drama in school. It is so dumb. Every day I wake up fairly happy. Then I go to school and get to find out about how "Josh fucked Emily ", "Kyle got n00dz set to him", "Ashley sent the n00dz", "Jesse fingered Cassie, wow she gets around". And I really don't care. I have seriously considered droping out, getting home schooled, or going into computer academics (a school program for your computer). My mom is with me for whatever decision I make, and so I hope to be out of this public school drama as soon as possible.

Q&A Section   
LittleMissEccentric 11 Jun 09  
I can, just barely.
StrawberryAvalanche 11 Jun 09  
really ?" oh wow
LittleMissEccentric 11 Jun 09  
Why is your eye all red in your profile picture. :[
StrawberryAvalanche 11 Jun 09  
You cant even see my eyes in my picture : p
SkylightBlue 11 Jun 09  
Hey, im new also and i would like to say welcome to kupika
StrawberryAvalanche 11 Jun 09  
Hello, And thankyou
LittleMissEccentric 11 Jun 09  
Welcome to kupika Devyn.
StrawberryAvalanche 11 Jun 09  
Oroborus21 11 Jun 09  
Welcome to Kupika Devyn, its my assumption that this isnt your first profile
though?  I enjoyed the "book" though i did skim some parts of it. I like how you
are close to your mother. have fun and take care
StrawberryAvalanche 11 Jun 09  
Thankyou :]
No it is my first one.
I was close to my mother she dies a while ago.
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