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High School Stinks

Hope ya like it.


 Amy-New Girl





 Mrs.Lounge-Teacher-Homeroom (Not saying rest of


Chapter 2 New PeopleSkip down if didn't read Chapter 1 yet)

 Jamie's Mom


Chapter 3

 Rene'-Adopted Sister

                                            High School Stinks
Chapter 1
Amy was a oringal girl.She was blonde with dark brown eyes and is a whiz at Math.She moved to New York today.She went to
her first day of her new school.Then a blonde with green eyes came up to her."Hey new girl. I'm Emma,This is Jessica and
Rebecca,my back up. Now that you know the pouplar,Stay out of the way" She smirked.Amy rolled her eyes and found her
first class.Her homeroom teacher was Mrs.Lounge.She was a redhead with dark blue eyes.Amy sat down at the only seat
left.It was next to 1 boy and 1 girl.The girl had dark brown hair with blue eyes.had gray eyes,black hair ."Hey I'm
Jamie and this is Lanny" the girl said."What is your name?""Amy Berrington"Amy said,Then she looked at the pouplar."I
see you met the pouplar in the hallway.I am the locker across from you" Lanny said."I guess" AMy said.After 4
periods,She got a text.Jamie It said:Hey. I wanted to know if you would come to my house after school with Lanny. Amy
replied Okay.Walk or Bus?Jamie replied. Walk so you get to know us. Then she shut her phone and Lanny came up."Hey.So
are you coming?" He asked."Of course.You guys are my only friends." Amy said. She actually had a crush on Lanny.They
talked though all of the periods.They have all the same classes but only 2 with Jamie.After school she found them and
followed them."Hey" She called to them.Jamie turned around and waved as she waved for her to come.They all walked to
Jamie's house.It was a big manison with a water founatin in front and the mansion was yellowish white."Wow" Amy
said."Eh..I used to it.I knew her since i was in prechschool." Lanny said."Sounds like somebody has a crush on her" Amy
giggled."No,We aren't together.We are just really good friends." Jamie said,

Chapter 2

Amy went into the manison. It looked amazing. Then suddenly Jamie's mom came down."Hey Jamie.Seems like you made a new
friend...Instead of just Lanny for once" Her mom said."Yeah. This is Amy,She is new at this school" Jamie said."I'll
make her some dinner too then.But she needs to leave by 9 o'clock,And Lanny too" She said."Okay" Amy said.She followed
Jamie and Lanny into the Coumpter Room. There were many desk and with Laptops.They did their homework."I will be right
back,Mom's calling." Jamie said as she ran down the stairs.Amy felt her heart beating. Lanny and Amy went onto the
couch. "This is awkard" Lanny said."Yeah..." Amy said. Then Lanny suddenly kissed her."Oh..Sorry" Lanny said embarrsed."
I couldn't help it." "No. I like you too" Amy said.Then the maid,Charlote came in."Oh.Sorry" She said.She had a
accent."No,It's fine" Lanny said.She picked up the sheets from the floor from something and left.Amy and Lanny goofed
around until Jamie came up.When she came up she saw them kissing. She stared blankly at it."Oh,Sorry" Amy said."Well
it's dinnertime" Jamie said. Lanny,Jamie,and Amy raced down the stairs. Lanny won. Then they ate Bork Chops and Salad.At
9:00 Amy went home. She wrote into her diary and watched tv for a while. Then she went to bed.

Chapter 3

The next day at school Amy caught up with Lanny."Hey" Amy said."Hello" He said,kinda nevorus."Why do you seem nervous?"
Amy asked."Jamie...Said your were my girlfriend." Lanny said. "It's Ok. Not a big deal." Amy said calmly. Then they
kissed.Then Emma came down."What are you doing with my BF?" She yelled."Yours?" Amy asked."Yeah.Now leave him alone!"
She yelled."EM! WE BROKE UP 5 STINKIN MONTHS AGO!" Lanny yelled."Whatever,Just stay away,Or you will be harmed" Rebecca
said.Jessica smirked and walked away with Emma and Rebecca."What was that about?" Amy asked."She goes into drama mode
everytime one of her ex-boyfriends kiss somebody. She thinks she is the only one for them." He sighed."Don't worry,I
won't let anything happen to you" Amy's heart was bounding.Then she saw her adopted sister,Rene, pull up.She drove
herself to school and she just came last night.Rene walked over."Hey Amy" She said with her hand on her hip."Hey Rene'"
Amy grounched.Rene thought she was so cool."This is Lanny" Amy said.Then Jamie came out of her limo."And that's Jamie"
Amy said as Jamie walked over.Then the bell rang."Let's go.We have all have 1st period together" Jamie said.Then they
walked to homeroom.

Next Chapter out Later.
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Storyteller says:   26 October 2007   552182  
I only got 2 Chapters out now because I am making sure my PC doesnt freeze so i make
1 at a time.
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this is cool

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