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Happy Flight ~ Chapter Three ~ The Invitation ♥ Comment & Say if it Should Continue or Not!

Happy Flight
Chapter Three-
The Invitation

The bell had rung, and all students rushed out of their classes to meet up with their friends. I was the last out of
class, but i was lucky, because that guy was in front of me. I just really wanted to gain the courage to say hi
to him, but i guess i really can't. "Candice! Candice!" I heard Mikayla shout out my name, she pushed through a group of
girls and stopped, grabbing onto my shoulders, "Guess what!" She was all hyped up, for some odd reason.
"Uh, what?" I replied, unexcited.
"I have an invitation to one of the best parties that happens, like, once a year!"
"Yes, yes! See, look!" She put the invitation right into my face.
"Ah, lucky you!" I smiled, and put my remaining books into my bag. 
"And, you wouldnt've noticed this, but its got you're name there too!"
"M-My name? But hardly anybody knows me!"
Mikayla gave me the invitation. "Take a look for yourself!"
I looked, wow, it actually did have my name there, how bizzarre though. I didn't think anyone really knew me! But what
was even weirder, was that my name was first!
"Who's party is it anyways?" I asked, happily while walking towards my locker. Mikayla's mouth went into the shape of an
O, then it turned into a smile.
"Well. He's in you're P.E. class!" Gah, my P.E. class? Is it, oh, it couldn't be him! It can't be the guy I have, well,
taken interest of! Mikayla pointed to a boy, yep! It was him, it just had to be, didn't it? It is going to be very
embarrassing now.

The rest of lunchtime was okay, I'd met new people and Mikayla and I hung out with them! I had to go to history class
this session, and then guess who I saw, yes, him! That boy. I really need to know his name, but, I'm just scared that
I'll like embarrass myself! Suddenly, somebody tapped me on the shoulder, lightly. I turned around.
"Hi." It was the boy and he was talking to me!
"My name is Jack, yours is Candice, isn't it?"
"Hi Jack" I smiled. "Yep, my name is Candice, call me Candy. I don't mind."
"Well, are you coming to my party?" He flicked back his hair.
I was frozen, he was so nice, and he was talking to me?!
He looked at me and repeated, "Candy, are ya'?"
"Huh? Oh! Yes, yeah of course!"
"Cool, lets go in, before the teacher gets here."
He held onto my arm, and sat down, bringing me down with him, onto the seat next to him. The teacher grumpily walked in,
and slammed a tower of books onto his desk. He fixed his glasses and opened his mouth, and before he could say anything,
a boy from behind interrupted him saying, "What are all those books for Sir?" The teacher hissed, then the boy sunk down
into his chair. "S-Sorry!" 
"I am Mr. Adams, your history teacher." He took a piece of chalk and started to write on the chalk-board, "Write this in
your book, choose a partner then you will do an essay on a subject relating to this, now hurry up!" He nodded, like all
angry old men nod, then he walked out of the room. Jack smiled at me, and asked, "Want to be partners?" He wants to be
my partner?!
"Yeah, sure!" I replied, excitedly. Huh well, this day has gone quite well for a first day! I wrote the stuff in my book
and closed it, happily. This boy, Jack, has just made my day.
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hannahboo says :   13 November 2009   493723  
o cool what happens next? 

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