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Happy Flight ~ Chapter Two ~ St Bricklesticks College ♥

Happy Flight
Chapter Two-
St Bricklesticks College

The busride was long, but Mikayla and I listened to her iPod, she has a terrible taste of music though. My first
class was P.E. i have always dreaded this subject, especially in the cold mornings. We all stepped off the bus, and
Mikayla was welcomed by a few younger girls, probably in grade eight. She nodded and then tugged my blazer, "There
isn't any time for looking at the school" She scowled, "We need people to get to know you." Her arm linked into
mine and she walked ahead, pretty much dragging me. This school was HUGE from the outside, i wonder what its like
inside! Teenagers were all bunched up together in groups, going through the doorway, but when me and Mikayla stepped
towards the door, everyone made way for the two of us and smiled at us.

I walked through the doors with Mikayla and the hallway was long, lined with lockers and doors to classes. A tall,
skinny woman, dressed in a violet skirt and blazer walked in the middle of the halls, she was holding her head high, and
she kept fixing her glasses. "And that is Mrs Malvin, our principal" Mikayla guided me. Mrs Malvin walked towards
us she looked at me up and down, she was a bit up herself.
"Well, Candice Fulcher your new, arent you?"
"Yes Ma'am."
She hissed at me. "You better be a good student." Her mouth made a chomping noise while she finished talking, she
nodded, then continued guarding the hallways.

All i could feel were my knees turning to jelly, that teacher was scary. Mikayla was pale white, man she looked scared.
We kept waling until we stopped, then Mikayla unlocked her locker and gave me a key, and tapped on the locker next to
hers. I guess thats my locker, i unlocked it and chucked my bag inside of it. Mikayla's locker was covered, literally
covered in photos and pink stickers and in the back there was a mirror, wow! She's a tad girly. The bell loudly
rung, Mikayla waved goodbye to me and i waved back, then i walked over to P.E. class.

A group of about five boys were hanging outside of the classroom, they all paused and looked at me. This frightened me,
i felt scared. "Hi, you." The tall one said, mischeviously. I smiled, and opened the door and sat at a desk. The boys
walked back in, this time, i got a proper look at them. The tallest one, had scruffy hair, he looked like he was wearing
a dog on his head, the one following him was small, he had a very red pimple filled face and he also was totally
unattractive, i could tell another two were brothers, they both looked very alike, blonde, curly hair and they both had
freckles on their cheeks, and then the last boy, he was about my height and he had black hair, it was straight, and
shoulder length, then a side fringe covered half of his right eye. He smiled at me and sat down my the two brothers.

The fringe guy was very very cute, i couldnt stop looking at him in class, he was sitting infront of me, but he kept
turning around to talk to his friends so i atleast got to see his face, sometimes. I know its stupid, but aw, hes cute!

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hannahboo says:   7 November 2009   515046  
omg yaaaaaa that was good 
what happens next?

when are you going to wright more?
StoryTelling says:   12 November 2009   216296  
yes, i justt havennt been on in a while
thankyhuu ^3^ 
hannahboo says :   13 November 2009   509336  
yaaaaaaaa cant wait till the next bit 

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