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Happy Flight ~ Chapter One ~ A New Beginning ♥ Comment & Say if it Should Continue or Not!

Happy Flight
Chapter 1:
A New Beginning.

It was a Monday morning and i was off headed to a new school. It had an odd name, something that i couldnt barely
remember, it was a toungue twister, i knew that. I hopefully could be making new friends at this school, i do miss my
old friends dearly though.

"Candice! Wake up!" My mother's voice quickly went into one of my ears and out of the other. I rolled over, Thump! And
fell onto the floor. Ugh, I thought. I was pretty nervous to go to school, and what makes it worse, is that i'll be
taking the bus, i won't have anyone to sit with, i'm going to look like an unpopular geek! I had a shower, then
quickly got dressed, this uniform was very posh and preppy, but all i had to do was push up the sleeves and i didn't
look so prissy. I heard the bus slowly coming towards my house, breakfast, i can skip, school i cannot! I quickly
grabbed my school-bag and ran out of the door.

My feet were dying slowly whilst i was running and my brown long hair was bouncing making itself wave around. I slowly
came to an end then me, and the bus stopped, both in time. Phew, i made it! The doors opened and slapped against the
side, everyone looked at me, then whispered a few words into the person's ear next to them. A tall, pretty blonde girl
stood up, holding up her hand, the whole bus immediatly came quiet. "Shush now." Her voice was soft, but at the same
time loud. "This girl is new, respect her and let her introduce herself, please do . ." Everyone looked at me.
"H-Hello" My voice nervously trembled. "I'm Candice"
"Hi Candice, I am Mikayla"
"Hi Mikayla."
"Here, Candice, sit by me"
I walked over to the seat she was in, then she put her hand down and everyone started talking again. I sat down and put
my bag on my lap. Mikayla looked at me, and smiled. She's definately, like the school queen, Miss Popular..
"Wow, you suit your uniform really well."
I looked at her, is she lying?
She nodded, "Yes!"
I looked at her, she suited her uniform perfectly, her woolen jersey was put on very properly, she looked like a rich
person. I was rich too, but i was never spoilt by my parents. It was quite suprising a girl like Mikayla wanted to be
my friend, but i guess it is a good start!

Comment & Say if it Should Continue or Not!

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hannahboo says:   4 November 2009   552542  
StoryTelling says:   4 November 2009   784459  
‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure› says:   4 November 2009   447320  
CONTINUE pls its good
StoryTelling says:   4 November 2009   822371  
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   5 November 2009   167652  
This is very good. You got to write more!
StoryTelling says :   13 November 2009   625807  
okey dokes.
i just havent been writing more cozz, 
i havent been on in a while 
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