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I would like to dedicate this page to one of my bestest friend on earth. Although that she may not be with me she is my
best friend forever and ever.

Last year in October my best friend Keelie was killed, it was August her parents allowed her to get msn as they thought
she sensible enough and old enough, also, most of her friends had msn. She kept telling me about thia " cute guy " she
met on msn, I said " you don't know if her is cute, he could be anyone". Keelie dodnt listen to me and kept blabbing on
about this so called "Cute Guy".

At school Keelie said that he was desperate to meet her and she thought that it may be a good idea, as a best friend I
tried talking herout of this>>>>> But it didn't work.

Keelie and her so called "Cute Guy " arranged to meet at McDonalds as he was local and thought she was " Shexi beast".
Keelie thought that it was nice hearing compliments like that...............
They met at McDonalds in Early october and, and ..............................

I never really knew what happened but in police investigations Keelie was raped behind McDonalds and then taken to the
local park for her to be killed. It is really hard to lose a friend that is sooo close to you and your heart, I still
think of Keelie now and if she didn't meet the guy then it wouldn't of all happened. It was found out that this so
callled " Cute Guy " was a 39 year old man, he has been arrested but that doesn't replace Keelie........

Feel free to make any comments below this page .....
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  Stacie246 — Page created: 18 June 2007
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Oroborus21 says:   18 June 2007   799789  
That's so sad about your friend. Iknow you miss her.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened. Whether the person one is
corresponding with is 17, 19, 27, 37 or 47 etc....anytime it's someone only met
online one should be really cautious.  They should check them out as much as
possible. I would say at least half of the time, the other person has lied about
something and most of the time it is not a good idea to meet in person an individual
you have only met online and not had any off-line communication with or verified
their info.

I know one of the things that I do is put all of my own info out there, that way
anyone who is my pen-pal can fully check up on me. From looking me up on the
California Bar's Attorney Search website to having my real name, address, telephone,

Sadly, though a lot of people just assume that the guy that claims he is 15 really is
15 and agree to meet him like that without checking up on him. Also just want to say
that boys can also be victims of these kinds of crimes.
Alicia233 says:   19 June 2007   683782  
Thats sooo sad
Stacie246 says:   21 June 2007   136121  
Well I TRY TO keep strong
Sunligth says :   4 August 2007   517545  
that is so sad

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