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24 F United Kingdom
speaks English and Japanese and French
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[color=red][size=10]This is Squirrel's back up account that she made
because she was bored. She may take months to reply to any letters,
messages or questions. xD [/color] [/size]

Helloo spontaneous profile visitor. :D

I am Squi. That's who I am in my head, that's what I call myself and
that's what you can call me, if you like. :3 I have other names:
Squirrel, Jess, Jessi, Jessica, Moo, BatSqui, Tako, Reika, to list a
few. But generally I'm known as Squirrel, Squi or Jess. Generally. :|
I'm twelve, thirteen on 16th September. Lets see how many people
remember that.

Where to find the Squi~
I live in Britain, England, Nottingham, Arnold, to be precise. I
don't have a Nottingham accent... because I don't use so much slang I
can't understand what I'm saying. I have trouble working out what
people at my school are talking about. I get told a lot that I
Posh,” whatever that means. I don't, I just use proper grammar and
such. Although I can no longer spell. Or type. My spelling skills
have gone -kaphut- .

What colour is the Squi~
Squi is fairly pale skinned. Although that's not what I meant by
colour. :| I have naturally light brown hair which I frequently dye
because I don't want to be mistaken for blonde. Because some stupid
people do think I'm blonde. >_>;; ~I'm not trying to offend any
blonde haired people, I just don't like blonde on me. It looks
nice on other people. :3 My eyes are dark brown, and shaped like
almonds. XD I like almonds, they're yum. And my avatar is
black/white/grey because I love greyscale, I think it's really
pretty. :3

What does the Squi do~
I draw. I live for my art, and my computer. I write too, mostly
roleplays because I get stuck if I try to write a book. I watch, read
and draw anything anime or manga related. I love Japan. I'm trying to
learn Japanese, learn about Japan, eat Japanese food and find a
Japanese language learning course. :| All at once. Yum.

What does the Squi hate~
Eh, I hate lots of stuff. I'm very much against homophobia, racism
and sexism. I think it's totally wrong to judge people because of
they're views or differences. The clever ones who read this will have
worked out that that means I don't hate you if you are homophobic,
racist or sexist, because that is your decision. I just think you're
wrong... very wrong. And annoying. I don't like vanity, but I can get
annoyed with people in they're the complete opposite.

Who is the Squi~
I'm ... I don't know. I just think of myself as Squi. I don't think
I'm pretty, or ugly. I'm fairly shy, believe it or not, but random
and loud at the same time. I think I'm sort of talented, but I know I
fail miserably in certain areas. I generally try to enjoy myself as
much as possible, and although I have lots to worry about, I don't.
I'm very laid back, which is code for lazy. I tend to procrastinate a
lot which can be annoying for some people, but I've entered a stage
not caring what other people think about me. As long as I'm happy
who I am, it doesn't matter if the rest of the world thinks I'm a
bitch. If I'm honest, I'm kinda frightened by the idea of having
someone love me, but I think it would be interesting. I don't want a
boyfriend/girlfriend just for the sake of it, which is what a lot of
people seem to do. But I won't rant about that because I'm meant to
be writing about myself...
In case you haven't already worked it out, I might be bisexual. But
I'm not sure because I've never dated properly.
 As much as I say I hate people, I don't. I hate certain people that
hate me, but generally, I like people. I'm pretty friendly, if you
can put up with my sarcastic complaints and emo moments.
 I'm not emo. Really. I just have days where I feel like shit, who
doesn't? If you really must stick a label on me then I guess I would
be goth, but I change my styles so often it's really not worth it.
And anyway, labels separate people from each other, which is wrong.
Labels are for soup, not real people. As far as I'm aware, I'm not
edible. Although I do taste like cake... -bites arm-
Oh, and I'm a vegetarian... only I forget that because I've been one
for so long it just seems normal. :| I don't think it's right to eat
animals, plus I'm not really keen on the idea of eating a dead body.
o__e I have nothing against other people eating meat, so I have no
idea why the fuck people have a problem with me not eating it. >_>;;
That's one of the few things that really upsets me. -.- 
xD And I think gay couples a shmexy. [/random]

Who does the Squi love~
Squi loves~
SuperK (kubix123) ~ For being my first best friend on Kupika, my
cupboard buddy and a totally wonderful person. :3
SpiderMuffin (BeautifulLIESx) ~ For being a great friend, roleplay
co-person thing xD And being online ALL the time XD
Manyan – Sama (oresama) ~ For being THE Commander-Chan, and being
awesome all the time. <33
India – Chan (falloutboygal) ~ For being my best real life friend,
always being there for me :D
Nemii – Chan (nemii) ~ For being my other best real life friend and
being wonderfully random =DD
Zee (Bizzahra) ~ For being Zee XD -glomp-

And Squi loves her music :3
My Chemical Romance and Nana Kitade rock her socks off.

And now Squi shall answer the flashy question things. :S

Love or Romance ~ o__e Whut?
Music ~ Jpop, Jrock, Alternative, Rock, ... and most types.
Ambitions ~ To be an English/Japanese translator, to write a
successful manga and to travel to Japan and the Arctic before I die.
Smoke ~ Nope :D
Skills ~ Drawing, writing and being annoying.
Pets ~ A cocker spaniel called Sonny and a tabby cat called Poppy.
Sing ~ I love to sing :3 I don't care if I'm good or not.
Favourite Movie ~ The Great Escape :3
Single ~ Yuh...
Sports ~ Haha, no. Squi is lazy.
Hobbies ~ Drawing, writing, talking and being random.
Favourite Food ~ Chocolate :3
Glasses ~ I'm meant to xD
God ~ Yes, although I disagree with some things that are said in the

So yuh, please comment. :D I'd be very happy to hear from you, and
whether you think I'm nice, stupid or just a total PHONT :| XD

*Squi no longer replies to her messages. STOP SENDING THEM~*

Thank you for reading my profile, if you have actually read it and
not just skimmed through to the bottom going “So.Many.Words o__e”.
you poke me and tell me what you thought, I'll grant you one wish. XD

<33 Squi

Q&A Section   
xcowxkissesx 15 Sep 07  
yewr birthday tomorrow?*GASP* OMG LEIK HAPPEH BIRTHDAYYY~ (lol i bet thisll
accidentally get sent to some canadian lumberjack who will come and rape me or
something. *twitch*)
Squi 15 Sep 07  
Canadian lumberjack. owo;;
That's the randomest thing I've heard all day. xDDD
And thank you. :D -hug-
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