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Hi! My name is Sparky!
I'm three years old :3
I am a Pikachu, one of the first Pokemon that came out in 1999! I'm an
electric type Pokemon and I helped my Trainer Joanna get all eight
badges in the Sinnoh region! Right after we won, her exact words were,
I was born into a happy Pika family and I had two sisters and three
brothers. On my first birthday I went on my first Pokemon adventure
with an Eevee that I met. He was a boy too and had dreams of becoming
a Jolteon!
We went on lots of adventures together, my favourite time was when we
had to find the biggest Pecha berry in the whole of Ixen Forest! We
were close to winning, but in the end Spokepoke found the biggest. Six
by five inches!
After six months me and Eevee were very strong indeed! We wanted to
find something as strong as us to battle with and we found a nest of
Arcanine! But they were too nice so we didn't battle with them. They
gave us lava cookies to eat instead! Yummy!
We later found a pack of Pokemon called Delkatty Cats. We thought they
would be sweet, but they really weren't! Their leader Ch-Cha and her
sister Tamy wanted to have a double battle with us so we said yes.
Unfortunately we lost and decided to train a lot more, but the
Delkatty were still friendly enough to take us to the Pokemon Day Care
At the centre we met a beautiful blue Pokemon. Eevee told me that it
was a Vaporeon and it was one of the Eeveeutions, as Eevee called it.
Vap-chan taught us all different moves like Recover and Quick Attack,
but it was hard. We enjoyed it anyway, we were becoming stronger and
making friends with Vaporeon!
Vaporeon's Trainer eventually came to pick him up. Her name was
Harriet, and when she saw that me and Eevee didn't have homes, she
said we could come with her. She sent Eevee to a breeding centre so he
could finally become a Jolteon! She sent me to a place called Scotland
where I would be taken in by Joanna on her thirteenth birthday.
Harriet put some human sweeties and some Berries in the packaging
material that I was in, but I ate most of the Berries before I arrived
at Scotland. She also gave me a picture of Joanna riding a Rapidash,
it was so beautiful! Joanna didn't know that she would be receiving me
in the mail, so I was a bit nervous, Harriet told me she would be very
busy with writing eight manuscripts and her schoolwork and lots of
other things. But when I arrived in Scotland she had just woken up,
and she pulled me gently out of my box (it smelled like teabags in
there!) and glomped me instantly. She likes hugs....
I met Joanna's other Pokemon. She has many! Her favourite is her first
Torterra. She also has a Shinx named Zapper, a Purugly, a Staraptor, a
Ponyta named Fiera, a Kadabra named Kazza, a Gastrodon, a Buizel, and
she too had an Eevee! I knew it wasn't my Eevee though; this Eevee was
female. Joanna told Harriet that her Eevee was female, and Harriet
said it was rare! My Trainer has special rare Pokemon! Yay! Although
Joanna was upset when she failed to catch Giratina and Azelf,  some of
the legendary Pokemon. She had many other Pokemon in the PC to cheer
her up about it though.
I then met Sylvie. She's not a Pokemon, she's a Cat Compania from the
land of Xenia. She's very smart though, Purugly was able to teach her
some of the moves of a Glameow. Joanna did not catch Purugly herself,
her friend David traded her a Purugly at a whopping level 50 for a
mere Starly! But David wanted a flying type Pokemon so he could teach
ot the hidden moves Defog and Fly. David is a very good Trainer, he is
only nine yet he managed to defeat the Elite Four! He had been
training for months before he attempted it though.
Torterra and Kazza took me to visit Joanna's grandmother with Sylvie.
I discovered that she too is a Trainer, and a fine one too! Her house
is simply packed with all different kinds of Pokemon! She had a
Pikachu once, and I was there to see it evolve into a Raichu! I wonder
if I'll be a Raichu one day...
Joanna takes me to the Sinnoh often, and alongside Torterra and
Purugly she got all eight gym badges! I wish I could have helped, but
Torterra and Purugly are way stronger than I am. But when we went into
the Eterna Forest, we saw a young, lost Trainer named Cheryl. We
agreed to guide her to Eterna City and we met many other Trainers
along the way that were willing to battle with us. Cheryl had a cute
little Chansey with her, and together we won battles! I was sad to see
her leave for the City once we were out of the forest, because we
never saw her again...
Joanna found all the Gyms up to Hearthome Gym relatively easy, as she
called it. Fantina was tough, but with Purugly's help she managed to
defeat her. I helped her defeat Roark though, and now I'm on level 24!
I one day hope to be as strong as Torterra, because Joanna raised him
with lots of love! Purugly is stronger than Torterra, but Purugly did
not grow up loving Joanna, he grew up loving David, and didn't like
Joanna much, but he loves her now! Joanna loves me, but not in the
same way she loves Torterra. She loves none of her Pokemon as much as
Sylvie, by the looks of it, but Sylvie has been by her side for ten
years now, and even inspired a story! I hope to have that kind of bond
with her one day :3

Buh-bye! 8D


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