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Tai's phone problem xD

Tai calls mimi
Mimis reciver: Hi there. Your so nice for leaving me a message! Lets have lunch!
Tai: Mimi! Pick up or your stuffed animals are in danger! ><

Tai calls matt's mom
Tai: Hi, is matt there?
Matt's mom: No he went to his grandma's house in veitnom
Tai: WHAT?!

Tai call's matts grandma
Matt's grandma: Hello?
Tai: Hi! My name is tai! 
Matts grandma: Oh you're seeling ties?
Tai: No! Look i need to speek to matt and TK!
Matts grandma: What a councidance, thats my grandkid's names
Tai: I need to talk to them!
Matts grandma: Okay, i'll tell them you called.


Tai calls me
Me: Hello?
Tai: Hi i'd like to speek to sorra
My mom: Sorry she- oh here she comes! Sora its for you!
Me: I'm not home
My mom: But i allready told him your here!
Me: Then make something up! I don't care!
tai: sorry you have the wrong number, goodbye.

Tai: ....

tai calls joe
joes reciver:Hi i gotta go take a test now. Bye!

Izzy: Any luck yet?
Tai: No.
Izzy: You gonna eat the rest of that beef shake?
Tai: o-o Izzy, your the bravest kid i've ever known..
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misty says:   25 May 2007   219296  
i love digimon but i dont get it and i thought u liked tai?
dark_gatomon says :   20 February 2008   476845  
u got that messed up it was kairi the he said her stuffed animals r done for and on
mimi she talk so lond that he could only say mimi

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