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Tai.. Jerk

(my 15th birtday)
Tai: Check this out sora! A haircut cupoun!
Me: Whats wrong with my hair?
Tai: Well, i don't know, but its allways under that hat so..
Me: so now you don't like my hat, huh?!
Tai: No! Its just...
Me: well?!
Tai: Its orange and poofy and-
Me: UGH!

(at Tais house: )
Tai (emailing): Dear Soar, Sorry for saying your hat and hair were messed up. Please forgive me.
               Love, tai
Tai: LOVE?! WAIT LOVE!? aww man, why'd i type that?!
Karrii: You gonna send that tai?
Tai: No! Go away!
Karrii: Why did you type it if you weren't gonna send it?
Tai: I am! Just..
Karrii: okay then, to send it, you gotta press this button
Tai: Noooooooo!

(at my house: )
(I read the letter)
me: TAI! You jerk!!
(i leave)

Tai: Hey, is this soras mom?
my mom: Yes
Tai: Hey, could i talk to her?
my mom: No, sorry, shes not here right now.
(i walk through the door)
My mom: Oh here she is! Sora, its for you
Me: I'm not home
My mom: Sorry, Shes not here
Tai: UGH

(i walk to tai's house)
... Tai... Jerk..
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hotgirl56 says:   31 March 2007   468271  
wait did this happen to you
Sorra says:   31 March 2007   683857  
Yes. And Tais a jerk.
Rika says:   2 April 2007   641958  
Tais not a jerk, tais alot like henry and Davis, they are jerks, but tai  isn't a

and he loves you, you know that right?
Sorra says:   2 April 2007   663573  
Yeah i gues.. your right about  the henry part, but david is only a jerk to tai and
carrii xD;;
dark_gatomon says :   17 February 2008   362162  
tai-sans not a jerk!!! and check this out its the japanesse ending 2 digimon the
moive which america cut out cause the force the matt and sora thing!!
and at the end sora writes back saying
[taichi im sorry,thanks for the present] AND theres a pic of sora wearing the

 i coundnt find the sub version to show u what it say

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value=""></param><param name="wmode" 

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