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Anime Quiez i took! ^_^

What do the Kingdom Hearts II Characters Think of You? (GiRLS ONLY PLEASE!) {Pics && Lengthy Results}

Heroes------------Sora:: Feels sorry for you. If you weren't with the Organization, he might've considered asking you out. Riku:: Knows that you need to be stopped, and doesn't care that he thinks you're kind of cute.Kairi:: Just mentioning your name could make her wet her pants. She's dead afraid of you. ^_^ congratulations!!Donald & Goofy:: They say you're the best fighter in the Organization and really dangerous.Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee: They're still pissed because you trashed the Bailey with the Dusks and Assassins, and they weren't able to stop you. Hayner, Pence, Olette:: Don't know you very well. They're not really involved in this whole "Organization XIII" deal.Mickey:: Will stop at nothing to destroy you. You nearly destroyed Disney Castle with Axel, Roxas, and Demyx once, and he will never forgive you.Organization XIII------------------Roxas:: You were his best friend {along with Axel} in the Organization before he left. He loved you even though he was "emotionless." You were going out for a little while, but then decided you were better off as friends. Roxas really broke up with you because he was leaving the Organization and didn't want to just leave you in the middle of a relationship. Axel:: Loved you to death, but knew you were Roxas's. Once he realized that he had to go after Roxas, he was "heart-broken" over the fact that you refused go with him even though you loved Roxas, too. Demyx:: He's afraid of you, but you're buddies. You were thinking about starting a band together and leaving the Organization, but he got called on a mission to Hollow Bastion. You never saw him again after that. Xemnas:: Loves the fact that you're so bloodthirsty and emotionless. All the other Organization XIII Members:: Know that you could easily kill all of them if you wanted to, so they keep their distances and try not to piss you off. Namine:: Isn't afraid of you. She doesn't care if you threaten her, because she knows who you are inside. She knows that you're good deep down, and that you don't like to show it, but you miss having a heart. Overall::~You're a member of Organization XIII. ~You're bloodthirsty and emotionless. ~You dated Roxas before he left the Organization. ~Nearly everyone fears you. Hehe...Sorry if you didn't like this result. I hope you enjoyed the quiz! =]
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What's your element? (cute pics! =])

Hey! You're the Wind Goddess! You're bubbly, happy, optimistic, and you love to be around people. You're not like those preppy stupid girls that you see with thongs and mini skirts. You're normal, with a bit of a girly-girl side that you sometimes show. :] You love to be with your friends, and they love to be with you! You like to flirt, occaisionally, it's not like you live off of guys or anything. Good for you! Keep your spirits up!! =]
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What Emotion Are You? (Includes Pictures and Music)

The emotion you are is...HappinessSong That Represents YouI'm proud of you if this is an emotion that you feel more often than not. Happiness may, or may not, rule your life. It all depends. However, whenever you do feel happiness, learn to cherish the moment.ColorsWhite, Pink, Yellow (Lighter Shades)SymbolStar. Flower. Butterfly. Sun.ElementsLight, Wind, FireQuoteSlow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast - you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.Actress Your Emotion RepresentsAnnaSophia RobbLeslie Burke || Bridge to TerabithiaHope you enjoyed it.
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