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Layouts and profile tips here for FREE!

I have got some well cool layouts and profile tips so your profile page will be smashing and you will be a popular
kupika user! Atractive profiles are apposed to have cooler user!
To put it on your profile, take off the LAST L

Starry Night
Yellow thing
Rainbow stripes
You just put your text after the actual code and it turns up! TIPS FOR PROFILES: Here is a profile page-
I am a girl with a dog This is bad as it has no info and has a distrcting background! MORE TIPS COMING! TIP 2: IF YOU GANG UP ON SOMEONE, I SHALL KILL YOU. LOL
Link to this page: copy-paste
  Sophie_96 — Page created: 27 September 2007  |  Last modified: 10 April 2008
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xExotic says:   4 November 2007   872518  
ok yeah, you suck at giving tips. And your page is a thumbs down. Try use kupikas
page designer. HOW ABOUT THAT FOR A TIP
FaithfulChristian says:   23 December 2007   937684  
You tell 'er, Exotic! And.. that 'yellow thing' is Pikachu! It's a same that you
don't know it. I don't even like Pokemon and I know what the fruit it is!
FaithfulChristian says:   23 December 2007   476649  
There goes my rant.. 
puppyprincess says:   23 December 2007   379633  
can I have starry night and rainbow stripes plz?
Sophie_96 says:   27 December 2007   653338  
broken_heart says:   11 March 2008   957266  
you stole theese layouts from penguin_rules
‹duckie› says:   9 April 2008   497748  
how do u get the ducks???? i need the ducks!!!???
‹duckie› says:   9 April 2008   193593  
can i pleeze have the ducks???!!
‹duckie› says:   9 April 2008   361729  
i needdddddd the ducks!!!!!!!!!!!

pleeze i'll give u 10 kps 4 them whether thieir free or not i need the ducks!
AMYxNiCOLE says:   10 April 2008   469839  
wowww. please learn how to give better tips.
plus, layouts don't always indicate a "cool" user. and vice versa.
‹cool-beans› says:   16 April 2008   482231  
Excuse me. But you stole some of them off me. Didn't you?
‹cool-beans› says:   16 April 2008   329432  
Only you edited them and made them worse.
‹cool-beans› says:   16 April 2008   462174  
I feel very angry with you now.
Sophie_96 says:   18 April 2008   889878  
I like you to. No I didnt.
‹cool-beans› says:   19 April 2008   679295  
Yes you did. Don't lie. I already told hina.
Sophie_96 says:   23 April 2008   221259  
Nina knows you lie
‹cool-beans› says:   24 April 2008   642455  
No he doesn't cos I don't. He said he understands how I'm feeling with your
Sophie_96 says:   24 April 2008   239984  
I know, I didn't steal them from you. I looked the up on an internet site on google.
‹cool-beans› says:   25 April 2008   864314  
Of course you did! NOT! 
Zovesta says:   5 July 2008   379361  
JESUS. Someone gives you layouts and you treat them like THIS? Stolen or not?!

No wonder I decided not to make layouts! 

I'M very happy you did this, and I pity you for having to deal with immature jerks
like these people.

Oh, and you know, maybe they didn't ever SEE Pokemon, but thought that other people
would like the layout! Did you ever think of that, jerks?
Im_not_short_Im_fun_sized says:   6 September 2009   168264  
can i have the one titled "yellow thing"
‹♥electrohouse♥› says :   19 June 2010   811220  
Can I have notebook?
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