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GEMINI (May 22nd- June 21st) ---------------------------- You are in for a bumpy fortnight. Whether it's boyfriend problems or just plain school, you'll be wishing it away. Mars is on your anger chart at the moment, meaning you'll be stressed and be likly to dump someone. On a brighter note, Venus, the glamour planet is directly over you, so make the most of it and treat yourself. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
CANCER (June 22nd- July 23rd) ---------------------------- Your thoughtful at the moment and as a result of this your shy side a showing through. Friends and family are going to encorage you to try clubs and experiences that you'd normally jump to but at the moment you feel like leaving it. Stress is taking the charts over and it shows majorly. On the other hand, towards the end of the fortnight, someone unexpected will flirt and you'll surprisingly enjoy it! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
LEO (July 24th- August 23rd) ------------------------------ Peace is on your side and your receving exeptional popularity. However, during the course of the fortnight things will get stuffy with relationship problems about flirts. An surprise is in store, so expect the unexpected... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
VIRGO (August 24th-September 23rd) --------------------------------------- This week be on the lookout for a super cool invite! Whether it's a pool party or sleep over, your name is on the invitation list! And if no one has plans for a get-together, use your natural Virgo organizing power to gather the group for some fun time! In any case, your week has fun written in the stars! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
LIBRA (September 24th- October 23rd) ----------------------------------------- If things with your crush get a little rocky this week, don't panic! This is not the end of the world! Before you do anything dramatic, talk about the situation with him. It's possible that he's got other stuff going on that doesn't have anything to do with your relationship. Hang in there! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
SCORPIO (October 24th- November 22nd) ----------------------------------------- You're very o.t.t. when it comes to fashion, so you don't know that wearing shoes with really high heels all the time just isn't going to make your back at all happy with you. Save the spikes for special occasions and pamper your feet by wearing trainers with the right support. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd- December 22nd) ------------------------------------------- Your positive attitude and wacky sense of humor may be in demand this week. People who have been having a tough time will appreciate the chance to laugh and not have to think about their problems for a while, thanks to you. Laughter is the best medicine and you are the doctor! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
CARPRICORN (December 23rd- January 20th) --------------------------------------- If you've been feeling sort of frustrated and cranky lately, you'll be much happier this week. Communication problems seem to have worked themselves out and it's smooth sailing with friends and family again! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
PISCES (Febuary 20th- March 20th) ----------------------------------- Your weirding out with the force of other peoples needs. But you need to think about yourself! If someone gets on your nerves, or weighs you down with THEIR problems, let it go and tell them you need personal space. It is a sad fortnight for you in one way. So make the most of happy times before and after to squeeze bad feelings. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
ARIES (March 21st- April 20th) ------------------------------ All of these parties and so little time! Make sure you get your beauty rest, Cap! A little siesta in the afternoon may help give you the night time energy you'll need. Naps aren't just for little kids! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
TAURUS (April 21st- May 21st) --------------------------- Things wont go to plan, but everything will turn out fine, maybe even better. A holiday flig gets o.t.t. while a close friend neglegts you for her boyfriend. Dont let things worry you and through your cares in the air! They wont come down! A little trouble sorts out your problems with an enemy, but then turns heywire with gangs and groups on YOUR side. Great hey? But remenber, EVERYONE has feelings, stick up for him/her! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
*!STAR OF THE FORTNIGHT!* ----------------------------------- AQUARIUS (21st January- Febuary 19th) FORTNIGHT: The boy you 'like'suddenly hates you and you dont know why. Rumour has it that he's going out with your bezzie, true or not you need to chill. Yes, you know he's broken your heart, let's say... 50 times, but you LOVE him sooo much. Let him know and he'll see te great and flirtatious you! ABOUT YOUR SIGN: It doesn't matter if people are short, tall, rich, poor, or from the other end of the globe - you love your friends for who they are on the inside. You believe in peace and that everyone should get along so you will go the extra mile to help settle an argument. You are very creative, inventive and you take a unique approach to living your life. Many of your friends call you a true original! You, Airy Aquarius, sometimes get swept away with your troubles! You often feel that your problems are more important than anything else in the world, so your feelings get hurt if a friend can't be there for you like you expect. You also tend to question your decisions and can lack self-confidence when suggesting something new. You have so many great ideas - make sure you share them! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DO U WANT YOUR PERSONAL HOROSCOPE DONE? YES? FILL OUT THIS FORM AND MAIL IT TO ME! FORM: USERNAME: AGE: DATE OF BIRTH: STAR SIGN: (If known) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WANT TO BE A ZODIAC GIRL? THEN MAIL ME TELLING ME WHY AND GIVE ME THE JUICE ABOUT YOU! YOU NEED TO INCLUDE: WHAT COUNTRY YOU LIVE IN. HOW OLD ARE YOU. YOUR USERNAME. HAVE YOU GOT ANY PETS, BROTHERS OR SISTERS. IF SO, DISCRIBE THEM. DESCRIBE YOUR BEST FRIEND. PRIVATE OR PUBLIC SCHOOL? WHAT STAR SIGN YOU ARE. I WILL READ THE LETTERS AND DECIDE THE BEST ONES AND PUT THEM INTO MY FRIENDS ONLY ZODIAC GIRL CLUB! ADDRESS ALL LETTERS TO: Sophie_96 or call me by my club name: Airy-a-Quari
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Ahem. Where did you get these horoscopes?

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