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My Movie

So my friend and I, Raven, are making Middle School Musical. We already have actors for it in real life, but I think it
wouldbe cool to have people act it out online or something  So here are the characters (with some info about them)
Anyone can play a guys role and anyone can be a girls role. I don't mind. :D

Lead Roles: 
(emo kid) Mickey: 
(Preppy, popular) Spinner: 

Lead Roles:
(normal) Kenzie:  Snow_princess96 
(Preppy, popular) Brittany: 

Minor Roles:
(stupid jock) Sean: 
(hobo) Hobo: 
(Wessie Cheese's Owner) Wessie: 

Minor Roles:
(smart student) Delilah: 
(crazy art teacher) Ms. Tabbs: 
(mickey's mom) Mickey's Mom: 
(Mickey's Sister) Stacey: 
Cheerleader #1: 
Cheerleader #2: 
(science teacher) Mrs. Teacher: 
(geography teacher) Ms. Barker:

HERE ARE SOME MORE ABOUT THE MAIN/MINOR CHARACTERS (note: I'm only writing about some minor characters, not all)

Emo kid; No one knows he has a sister; Likes Kenzie; Frequently shoved in locker by Sean; His mom takes him to therapy;
Dyed his hair black when he was 8 years old.
Played by Peter B. in real life

Preppy; Popular; Hates Mickey's shoes a lot; Loves fashion, dancing, and singing; Likes Brittany; Brittany's BFF.
Played by Tyler S. in real life 

Preppy; Popular; Always traveling; Loves fashion, dancing, and singing; BFF's with Spinner; Likes Spinner a little bit;
Off and on friends with Kenzie. 
Played by Raven J. in real life

KENZIE COWELL: least, at the beginning she is; Adopted; Likes Mickey; Wants to try out for the musical.
Played by Hannah M. in real life

Mayor's son; Stupid; Jock; Rides the short bus (CUZ HE HAS SPECIAL POWERS ^^); Plays basketball.
Played by Tristan A. in real life

Owner of Wessie Cheese's (a place for Hobos) 
Played by Weston P. in real life

Sings songs on Tyler Street (INSIDE JOKE!!); Lives on a bench; Steals lip gloss; Marries Stacey's mom; Has a rivalry
with the Janitor  
Played by Liam R. in real life

Does hip hop; Hates Hobo. 
Played by Casey M. in real life

Well, sign up if you want (: Again, a female can play a male if she wants and a male can play a female if he wants. 

Snow_princess96 (Hannah M ;D) 
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  Snow_princess96 — Page created: 1 December 2008
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monkietie says:   1 December 2008   699718  
hey you stole this from me!
Snow_princess96 says :   1 December 2008   735537  
Well, not really. I actually AM making a movie. I have been for  more than a month.

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