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The Ring

Welcome to The Ring Page. This page was to show the joy of the people who like the ring, i have created some designs and graphics for this page, and some, i have drew on Kupika (Like the well, witch is my favorite part in the movie, when Noah dies :P) So, here is a quick story for those of you who don't know what the ring is... The film focuses on a mysterious cursed videotape which contains a seemingly random series of disturbing, grainy, black and white images. After watching the tape, the viewer subsequently receives a phone call in which a voice condemns the viewer to death in exactly seven days. As the film opens, two teenage girls Katie Embry (Amber Tamblyn) and Rebecca 'Becca' Kotler (Rachael Bella) discuss the supposedly cursed tape. Katie subsequently reveals that, seven days before, she went to a cabin at Shelter Mountain Inn with friends, where she viewed the video tape. After a series of weird occurrences, involving a television in the house turning itself on, Katie is mysteriously killed while Becca watches, subsequently causing her to be institutionalized in a mental hospital. Katie's aunt, Rachel (Naomi Watts), is a journalist living in Seattle. Her son, Aidan, seems to be sensitive to psychic occurrences he had been drawing pictures of his cousin dead in the ground for days before Katie died. At Katie's funeral, Rachel's sister asks her to investigate her daughter's death. Her investigation subsequently leads her to the cabin where Katie watched the tape. She finds and watches the tape, the phone rings and a girl says "seven days." The next day she calls her ex-boyfriend and Aidan's father, Noah, to see the video. He subsequently asks her to make a copy for further investigation. Unfortunately, Aidan watches the tape a couple of days later. After viewing the tape, Rachel experiences nightmares, nose bleeds, and surreal situations (when she pauses a section of the tape in which a fly runs across the screen, she plucks it from the monitor). Rachel investigates the images on the tape, leading her to Anna Morgan (a woman seen in the tape) who lived on Moesko Island with her husband Richard and daughter. A tragedy befell the Morgan ranch, in which the horses they raised seemed to go mad, subsequently killing themselves, presumably causing Anna to become depressed and commit suicide. Rachel goes to the Morgan house and finds Richard who refuses to talk about the video or his daughter. A local doctor tells Rachel that Anna could not carry a baby to term and adopted a child named Samara Morgan (Daveigh Chase). Anna soon complained of visions that only happened when Samara was around, so both were sent to a mental institute. Noah goes to the institute, finds Anna's file and discovers that a video is missing. Rachel returns to the Morgan house, views the missing video and is confronted by Richard, who subsequently states the girl was evil. Following an intense scene, he then electrocutes himself in the bathtub, sending Rachel running out of the house screaming. Noah arrives and with Rachel, goes to the barn to discover a room where Samara was kept by her father. Behind the wallpaper they discover an image of a tree seen on the tape, and near the cabin. At the cabin, they discover a well underneath the floor, in which Rachel finds the body of Samara, subsequently experiencing a vision of how her mother dropped her into it. Rachel notifies the authorities, and Samara is given a proper burial. Rachel informs Aidan that they will no longer be troubled by Samara. However, Aidan is horrified, telling her mother she had freed her body, and that Samara never sleeps. In his apartment, Noah's TV turns on, revealing an image in which Samara crawls from the well, walks toward the screen and crawls out of the set into the room. Samara stares directly at him, causing his death which Rachel discovers after racing to his apartment. Upon returning to her apartment, Rachel destroys and burns the original tape screaming, "What do you want from me!?" She soon notices the tape marked "COPY" underneath the couch. Worried that Aidan will also die, Rachel realizes the only way to escape is to copy the tape and show it to someone else, continuing the cycle. The movie subsequently ends with Rachel helping Aidan to copy the tape. [Obtained from]
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zany_mychemicalromance_fan says:   18 June 2008   832154  
yers isnt as good as mine 
SkylerP says :   20 June 2008   887943  
haha, im not done yet! 

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