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Ideas for Authors

Hi! Sammy here again! This page is for all those budding authors and creative minded people! All imaginitive people can come here and put down ideas and suggest. All budding authors can see some story starters and make it their personal own! I'm a budding author so you can come and get ideas or help me and other authors! Thanks! Ideas A killer on the loose, and twins, one girl and one boy, are chosen to stop him Maybe they have a special connection and they know his weakness Maybe they have a powerful weapon to stop him A girl running away from a madman in a dark, scary forest when she comes upon a mysterious house Why is she running away from the madman Maybe the madman is her crazed, uncle or father or brother Or maybe she is beautiful and this guy is attracted Maybe he isn't a madman after all! A girl builds a time machine and goes back in time to the time of Adolf Hitler and she kills him or stops him, then when she travels back she finds out that what she did has overpopulated the world Or maybe back in time to another bad time in the past Like the Great Depression
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  ‹Mrs. Skandar Keynes› — Page created: 1 February 2009
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‹>FineOMine<› says:   1 February 2009   427328  
What about a killer is on the loose, and 2 twins, 1 girl 1 boy, has to stop him/her?
‹Mrs. Skandar Keynes› says:   1 February 2009   732879  
Thanks! That's a good Idea! I'll put that up there!
rubah_dukeh_boy says:   1 February 2009   773411  
how bout a girl running away from a madman in a dark forest where she finds a
mystirios house?
rubah_dukeh_boy says:   1 February 2009   159634  
then she trys to go to the basement but finds out she needs a ladder.And right then
the madman showes up right behind her
rubah_dukeh_boy says:   1 February 2009   969865  
or mabey a group of 2 aventurus girls and on scared boy in the 1800's looking for an
‹Mrs. Skandar Keynes› says:   1 February 2009   845252  
those are good ideas! Thanks!
rubah_dukeh_boy says:   1 February 2009   237198  
btw one is older one is younger
‹Mrs. Skandar Keynes› says:   1 February 2009   198188  
Oh....... Ya!

Also, I have another good idea!
‹Mrs. Skandar Keynes› says:   1 February 2009   321735  
Does anyone have any other ideas???
‹Alex + Katie = BFFF's› says:   1 February 2009   525887  
Didn't read it. Just commenting. Lol.
‹Mrs. Skandar Keynes› says :   1 February 2009   884685  
ok! :d
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