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Story Time!

Hiya! Here are some GREAAAAT! storys, made specially by me ^^ Fast updation is NOT an absolute, but i do the best i can!
Vampire Night The vampire. The darkest creature out at night, more fearful than a tiger.From our blood they feed, none with mercy... So watch out. Characters Maya = Main Character. foolish human. Introduced in the First Chapter Vampire = ??? Chapter 1: Transformation. I sneak out the window, while they sleep. Although usually there is a reason, ive started doing it just to defy them. My parents, of course. Such demons, they are. I hate them. I wish they actually knew that i was doing something so much against their will sometimes. I smell the night air, as i walk to no clear destination. I'm wearing my black boots, since by now ive discovered where i shouldnt step. My friends are always worrying me about vampires, but I never listen. "Walk in groups!" they say, like scared mice. I guess John said he saw one, and John is Jessicas boyfriend, and everyone listens to Jessica. I walk into the abandoned mansion, my parents want to live there now, but John thinks they are insane. Vampire nest. Ha. I glance around, and i don't blame my parents -- this is a very pretty place. I see someone beside me. "I warned your friend. Not very sporting of him to let you come here. Oh well, food for me." and then i punch him in the face. "Oh yay vampire cosplay." i say, quite sarcastically.
Made by Lucy101_is_back. Want one too? Click Here
Fall In Love With You love is simple, love wont bite, until you fall in love with another. Love is complicated, its very hard, you'll soon know, and experiencing it is the hardest easiest thing to go through Characters Main Character = Chitose - in love with Alex. - Introduced in Chapter 1. Side Main Character = Alex - feelings unkown - introduced in Chapter 1 Chapter 1: You dont know it till you do ~Chitose Narration~ God. I feel sick. School sucks. Nothing is worth it. I stare at the teacher, trying to look enough at him that it looks like im paying attention to what he is reading. It's just a review, we know everything. I look over at Tim. Well, some of us know everything. I look at Alex. Alex is the only hot guy that they should be gushing over. But i dont think any of us are really in love. Maybe Yukari, but she wont admit it to us OR Tim. The bell rings, and i can hear sighs of relief, shouts of happiness, groans that they have to go to the next class, and most of all, footsteps. I dont pay attention to any of this, until Alex asks me if I'm alright. "Yeah. Just listening. I'm kinda tired. School isn't very fun anymore." "Was it ever?" i sigh. "Thats not fair." i look at him. He is smirking. Smiling i turn it into. At me. I can feel myself blushing. Wait. Blushing. That isnt right. And then i realize it. I dont know how long its been building up, but im in love with him. my mouth falls open a bit (this is what she looks like in the character picture), forgetting that he is in front of me. "You look tired. Maybe you need to go to the nurses office." he said, feeling for a fever. I blush. My face is very heated up at this moment, and i guess that must've told him i had a fever. Even though i dont have one. Suddenly he picks me up. "Huh? WHA--? Um..." i say, as we move to the nurses office. Im confused, and a bit embaressed, but dont get me wrong, i like it. Alot. So much that a few minutes later, when we are there, i dont want to let go. He takes this as a sign that im feeling worse than i am. Im starting to wonder if he is just doing this because i likes me, or just because that i'm in his class. And then when my body hits the bed, i actually do feel weak. Of course, he is gone by now. I start to sneeze like crazy, and im guessing i actually have a fever now. Ignoring how terrible it feels, i hope I'm not contagious. I look back and forth, unti lit makes me dizzy, i dont see the nurse... or anyone, for that matter. This doesnt look like the Nurses Office, nor is it the same distance away from the classroom. Scott? "Scott." i say, and he stares at me. "Uh... why are you in here? This is..." i look at him questioningly. He hands me a pill after a long conversation on the phone, where he continuously says Alex's name over and over. In different tones and ways too, i see. I take the pill and it all feels better. "The hell, Scott?" i ask. "Alex is such an idiot, i mean, he knew the symptoms, the disease, and yet he asks me to travel to get an expensive pill that cures it. "Travel?" i raise an eyebrow. "Uh. Yeah. He satrted to know yesterday!" he says in his normal lie voice. Alex walks in. "Sorry i had to put you in here, but his the quickest route possible. Ill explain what happened to you. ~And Then He Tells Me The Details Of This "Disease" And The Fact That Only A Few Hospitals Know About It~ "What a weird disease. How did you come across it?" Alex sighed. "Do you know how this is a private school, and we cant come out except for at special occasions? Well, i caught it. It took alot of time and money to cure it, but Scott knew alot about that kinda stuff. But it still took a long time and we ended up BUILDING a pill for it. Apparently its contagious." I sigh. In all of this, i am only thinking about myself. About him, with me. I wonder if its possible, he is so much smarter, and cooler than me. And he had to take care of me. I left a few details out about when i was sick -- it was much worse than i told you, but i didnt want to tell you the details. Seeing me in a pathetic state like that, he must not have any interest in me anymore. This is so crappy, such a terrible illness, that i still wasnt fine an hour later. Scott leaves all of a sudden. "When did he learn all about medical stuff." "You havent ever really payed attention to Scott, have you?" "Jessica. She knows him. Jessica knows everybody. The only reason that i know about him is because hes your roommate. Annnnd, i asked Jessica." he smiles. "You should sleep. Stop worrying about everything. and me" "Sleep" i say, suddenly like a mummy. Or a zombie, depends on your preference, but i just wanted to fall asleep at that moment. I didnt get a good enough sleep last night, and this certainly didnt help.
Made by Lucy101_is_back. Want one too? Click Here
Made by Lucy101_is_back. Want one too? Click Here
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coolqueen1998 says:   25 August 2010   768805  
there are some cool stories here i like tem and i like the picture of alex he is
soooooo hot
SinfulKagemusha says:   25 August 2010   530204  
thanks ^^
‹StoleYourSoul› says:   3 September 2010   953788  
woot goddess

why did you change your username anyways
SinfulKagemusha says :   3 September 2010   519640  
hellooo. the non-human-eyes-rant-at-the-bottom-of-the-page?!

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