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Another Story...

I'm attempting this again. Bear in mind that i do this inside of kupika so grammar is kind of crappy, and there are no

Stay Forever - Bio/Intro
She was a simple girl. Rich, a princess, but so simple. She tried to act normal. She tried to be normal all of her life.
She took risks, she never used the servants, she spent a normal amount of money. Her mother fretted. Her father scolded.
And then it happened. She snuck in with the Queens forces onto the battlefield, and nearly died. Her mother did die by
an assassin, because that the other two, the ones that could protect themselves, were gone. Her father seeked aid from
"Special" forces to keep his daughter safe and out of trouble. This is where the story starts.

Chapter 1: New Servants.
I just wanted to show them I could be normal. That I could fight for them. I didn't want this. I throw the last of the
roses I brought into the grave, and I feel sad they will wilt under there just as my Mother will. I can't bring myself
to watch as the dirt piles on top of the coffin. I need to leave. I need Father. He couldn't come. More important
matters that I'm sure he didn't need to do. I want to go home and rip off this dress that implies that she's dead, to
put on something white that she would like. But more than that, I want her to compliment me on that white dress. I want
it to be a sick joke, a trick, I want everyone to just start laughing that they put me in suspence of the murder of my
mother. Sure, it would be a horrible thing to do, but at least it would mean that I could live my life with her knowing
how precious she was more than ever. The people around me start to shrink away, until I'm just staring at dirt and a
gravestone. I can hear her voice begging me not to go, and so i don't. However much later, I hear footsteps. Two pairs.
I turn around, and I'm ashamed. It's my father and a boy I don't know, staring at me, me who has been crying in front of
this grave for who knows how long. "This is your new servant, Sypheria, darling. I have spent the day--" I look at him
in absolute horror. "The day?! The funeral has been going on for a day! I don't need a servant, I don't! I needed you,
Mother needed you, you were away that she died and the day her death was commemorated. Viscounts and kings from all over
came, but not you!" I scream at him. The boy with the silver hair kneels down and kisses my hand. "My name is Sebastian.
It will be an honor to serve you. I apologize that I did not know the date, as I would've encouraged your Father to
come. But I do believe that his reasoning was secure - he wanted to protect you, as do i - and will carry out your
will." I don't know what to say to this. I look up at my Father, who has a grim look in his face, then back at the boy.
the tears have stopped momentarily, at least. Sebastian smiles. "Come then, Princess, it's time that you go home. You
need rest." I nod.
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  SinfulKagemusha — Page created: 3 May 2011  |  Last modified: 4 May 2011
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‹carry on my wayward son› says:   6 May 2011   162161  
Is this the whole of the first chapter? It needs to be more lengthy.
SinfulKagemusha says:   6 May 2011   412544  
No, it isn't, I just stopped writing... there will be moer tho =)
‹RushingStars★› says :   11 May 2011   600303  
Chapters don't have to be that long, though. 

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