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The GPX+ GOP (goddess of pokedex)

this doesnt copy the actual dex/egg dex. its my own dumb little version. IT IS NOT THE ACTUAL EXPLANATION!!!!

Egg Dex (doesnt go by any order)

"A white egg with something that could be an M if it really tried."
Hatches into Zangoose

"A Black Egg. Saying the blue marking in the middle is a Z might be stretching it a bit."
Hatches into Zergoose.

"An egg with blue on either side of the masklike black mark in the middle"
Hatches into Riolu.

"A grey egg with a white mask-looking mark near the bottom"
Hatches into castform. 

"A purple egg with a yellow line through the middle."
Hatches into Cresselia. 

"A black egg with things like furry edges at the end of the tree, going down through the egg."
Hatches into Pokii

"A light blue egg that has strange dots all over."
Hatches into pineco.

"An egg with a face on it."
Hatches into bidoof

"An egg with a face on it."
Hatches into bidofo

"A Tan Egg. It has blue dots with - signs in them."
Hatches into Minun

"A navy blue egg with a yellow X on it."
Hatches into Shinx. 

"A purple egg with two large yellow circles that have purple, and a little yellow dot, in the middle."
Hatches into ???

"A purple egg with a squiggly line that has two dots beneath it."
Hatches into Ekans. 

"A mostly white egg, with the outskirts of the bottom being brown. there are odd light brown and white markings that
look like rocks among the white part."
Hatches into Cubone. 

"A black egg with a purple line reaching the upper middle. If you REALLY strain your eyes it looks like an S."
Hatches into Seviper.

"A dull blue/lavender egg."
Hatches into ???

"A half blue half white egg with spikes coming out of it."
Hatches into ???

"A tan egg. It has green diamond like spots all over the egg."
Hatches into Shroomish. 

"A dull orangey-red egg that has a red mark on the top with odd lines."
Hatches into Vulpix.
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Just to clarify. ^^

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