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Silver Rain 2

Hey the name is Silver and ive had a rough teen life but thats all cleared up now since im going out w/ Shun. SHun runs
over to me and wraps his arms around me. "i missed u Silver wanna walk 2 school" Shun says and I nod. Shun loved me
since the first time we met and he might've raped me a few times but i figured out i love him. We are unseperable but
one thing i figured out was that Shin also liked me and he acts like he's alright with me going out w/ Shun. Shin runs
over 2 us. you see me and Shun had sex i little while back and i got mad because i figured out i was pregnant. Shun
tryed 2 rape me but Shin saved me.
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 Im still pregnant and after my a month of groundement im finally free. "Silver Shun you have 2 hurry class starts in 5
minutes." They run 2 the school and get there right as the second bell rings. They run into the classroom breathing
heavily just before the teacher comes in. We quickly sit down and two girls walk up to me. "hey basterd" one of the girl
who's name is Salina says. The other girl who's name is Sam throws my books off of my desk. "oops my bad" they laugh. "i
have 2 go 2 the bathroom" i say trying to get outta there but some guy trips me. The whole class laughs and Shun looks
down trying not to be sympathetic. "your popularity is pretty much over hanging out with a pervert who got arrested and
a shin" the guy says. I run out totally embarrassed w/ my books in my hand. The teacher see's me run out and walks in
the classroom.
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"take your seat everyone" the teacher says"do you know why Silver ran out of the classroom embarrassed." Everyone shakes
there head."hmmmm.....Shun see me after class you must know why she ran out." Everyone glares at Shun and Shun hides his
head in his books. The class ends quickly and everyone walks out ecxept Shun. "So why was she upset" The teacher asks
Shun but SHun shakes his head "i dont know why." I have 2 go He run out trying 2 look for Silver. He heres sniffiling in
the girls bathroom. He looks around to make sure no ones around. "Silver its me shun are you okay" Shun wispers. "Come
in Shun no ones in here" Shun walks in. He grabs me and hold me close. "i love you Silver and always will." I blush and
kiss him. "im srry i didnt stand up for u its just....." I put my hand on his mouth and say "shut up ur ruining the
moment" He smiles. "we should go" we get outta the bathroom and split up trying not 4 anyone to see. My best friends run
over to me. "hey girl we have to ditch school. There are coyote's loose" I nod. Amber, Sara and I sneak outta school
looking for the coyote's. We here growling and i transform into my wolf form. SAra transforms into her coyote form and
amber transforms into her fox form.
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The first pic is Sara and the second one is Amber. THis is a pic of me in my animal form.
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So we look around and get attacked, we get torn up badly and finally destroy them.
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Anime_goth_Girl246 says:   20 March 2009   761152  
Awesome Start ^^
Silver_rain_246 says:   20 March 2009   847519  
thx im gonna make a medic droid page soon
ThE_dEvIlS_kId_ says:   21 March 2009   351741  
*crys*its so sad!*crys harder*i hate when evil people make fun of sad people!they
should all die of cancer!
Silver_rain_246 says :   21 March 2009   982639  
yeah well its gonna get better

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