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Neko Story

Hey, The name is Skye, and im a neko, which is a human w/ cat ears and a cat tale
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Im called "the new girl" which is annoying. I grab my books from my locker. I slam my locker close and a girl walks by
me and pushes my books outta my hand. I pick them up and a guy helps me. "thanks" i say and look at him. I blush. "Hey
my name is Shawn u must be Silver." I blush and nod. He smiles, and we here the bell ring. We run towards class. Shawn
sits right next to me in science and where always partners.
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We walk outta class talking to eachother and two guys walk over to us. "oh hey New Girl" One of the guy says and pushes
me. "come on shawn lets go" they other guy says and all three of them walk away. I walk outside and block the sun from
my eyes. I sit on the grass and start writing in my journal. I sense something and quickly stand up "come out...." A guy
walks out from the tree's.
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"sup" he smirks and i attack. A sword appears in my hands. My speed increases but he blocks it. " this is not
the way to treat a visiter." I snarl at him. "DONT ACT SO COCKY BITCH" I yell at him. "Skye, stop it" I notice the
princible and the sword dissapears from my hands. "Get to class Ichigo Matsurutsu I need to talk to Skye for a second."
The princible tells him. "tsk fine" He walks away and the princible walks over to me. You see im an orphan because last
month my parents died and the princible who i call father took me in. He is really kind to me and is the only one who
know about my powers. "Listen Skye you cant use your powers like that in public" He tells me. I nod and we here the bell
ring. He hands me a pass and deals w/ a bunch of boys. I walk to class and see Ichigo. "Matsurutsu!?" I walk past him
and he smirks. I continue walking to class and finally get to math class. I hand the pass to the teacher and sit down. I
feel something against my neck. I look behind me and see the kid behind me writing down notes. I continue feeling things
brush against my skin. I starts seeing spirits. My ability is the ability to see spirits. No one else can see the
spirits. I notice Shawn staring at me. I look back at him. The bell rings and i walk towards the door. Shawn grabs my
arm. "follow me" He tells me so i follow. We walk to the back of the school. "wats up" i ask him. "You can see spirits
cant you" I nod."YOu know there are spirits around you right. I nod. "well lets get rid of them shall we" I smile. We
start attacking the spirits and then a women spirit appears. All the spirits dissapear.
Water Spirit
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She starts wipping water at us and we try 2 block but continue 2 get hit. I scream in pain, and she laughs. "I love pain
in others" She says smiling. She gets hit by two cards. She screams and we block our ears. A guy appears, and a spell
circle appears. He starts a spell and destroys her. He flips his hair and I blush. "What are you two guys doing here its
too dangerous. Your not ordinary neko's since you could see spirits." He says to us and we both nod. Matsurutsu appears
in a tree. "This bores me i was waiting till you got torn apart from limp to limp" Her tells us. "Matsurutsu you....WHAT
DO YOU WANT FROM ME" I yell. He laughs and grabs me. He vanishes w/ me. "Wat i want is your body." He wispers in my ear,
I blush and he kisses me. He takes off my shirt and and starts licking my neck. I blush almost hypnotised by him. We
fall on a bed. The guy from before kicks the door down. "U basterd" punches Ichigo. Ichigo Stumbles back and spits
blood. "Matsurumi!" The guy says in anger. "w-who r u" i ask him and he smirks. "The name is...."
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DINHO writes:   24 March 2009   329483  
i love it .
Silver_rain_246 says:   25 March 2009   483655  
its not done yet
i got bored and this is wat happened
my little neko story
damgoln7 says:   29 March 2009   154526  
kool kool
Silver_rain_246 says :   29 March 2009   696567  
Heh thx i love writing stories u should check out my otehr story

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