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Kingdom hearts Story

Once There was a young boy named Roxas. He had a best friend named Axel. Axel wasnt his only friend. HIs otehr friends where Riku, Sora, Namine, and Kairi. "Hey Roxas" says Riku, and Roxas waves. "Im meeting Axel today. He told me he needed to talk. Hope no Heartless though" Roxas tells them. "can me and sora come," Riku ask him and Roxas nods. THey start walking and the get 2 a forest. They start walking in the forest and a whole bunch of heartless come. Roxases Keyblade appears, and Riku's soul eater appears. They start attacking but heartless continue coming. "We cant keep fighting like this" Roxas tell him but they still continue attacking. A heartless attacks Roxas and he screams. "Roxas!" We see Axel. Axel Fills his Chakram w/ fire and blast it at the Heartless. Axel grabs Roxases hand and runs off leaving Riku. Axel appears to have the organization XIII outfit on. "Ur a member again? Is that the news? You goin back to Organization XIII?" Roxas asks him and wips his hand outta Axels. Axel looks at Roxas in shock. He looks down, "yes im sorry."
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  Silver_rain_246 — Page created: 24 March 2009  |  Last modified: 29 March 2009
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dog_lover_forever says:   29 March 2009   174684  
kingdom harts is the best!!!!!!!!!!!! good story! =)
Silver_rain_246 says :   29 March 2009   712689  
thx its not finished yet but i pit it as a diary entry also

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