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Magic Nights-A Kupika Movie-Idea Page-2 More Needed

Howdy y'all! I am currently working on a play called 'Raining Nights of Tears', but I want to finish it before I do it
on here. Right now, I have an idea for a play called 'Magic Nights'. I just need more ideas. This is basicly a contest.

I will take 5 ideas, and the best one will be in my play. No suggesting characters! You can suggest anything besides
characters. I will do this contest until I am finished with 'Raining Nights of Tears'.

Idea Entrys-
1. jamburry
2. HarryismyHero
3. macmass95
4. karen94

Winning Idea Award-Winning Certificate with Ribbon, 10-15 kps, and 1-2 VI
Others Award-Certificate, 5 kps, 1 VI
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  Shy_Actress — Page created: 24 May 2007  |  Last modified: 8 June 2007
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jamburry says:   25 May 2007   676847  
it could be about a witch and magic.
‹goodfornothing› says:   25 May 2007   175181  
hmm....... about a girl that falls in love but cant be with the guy she likes for
some reason
Shy_Actress says:   25 May 2007   345251  
I like them both.
macmass95 says:   28 May 2007   686356  
a girl who is a witch is in love with a rivle witch family's son, she has to find a
away to show her love and bring peace to the two familys
Shy_Actress says:   4 June 2007   726515  
Nice. LOVELY! lol. IT IS GREAT!!
karen94 says:   4 June 2007   873343  
about a girl who changed everything about a guy's life making him to see the
importance or others and the girl suddnely falls inlove with the guy
‹goodfornothing› says:   5 June 2007   914892  
or maybe... a girl hates hates HATES this guy for such a long time, but they are
magically chosen or happen to be in the same place at the same time, and they have to
go on a quest to save someone or something or do something magical, and then the girl
falls in love with him, but she doesn't want to admit it
‹x-le-bon-Jude-x› says:   8 June 2007   773216  
I bet that one will win!
Shy_Actress says:   8 June 2007   412333  
I like all of the ideas! This will be really hard!
Princess_Dramaqueen says:   8 June 2007   733567  
me me me how about like it could stat of with children on a walk somwhere then they
see a knight statue they touch a sumin and they fall fru  hole but end up ion the
same place except there all nights and the statues are alive and there are no humans
and they try to get home but em there is no way home (also i forget to say the
knighjts never cry) they travel for houres but no luck but they meet somin wich tells
them the way to get home is make the knight cry so they go to the king and tell them
about the story they went to the king cause thats were the man said he was when they
get there he says of core we can cry well the wich has put a speell on us the only
way to make us cry and for u to go home is to kill the wicth and they say but dont u
wont to be happy . . . .
Princess_Dramaqueen says:   8 June 2007   871594  
well no its sad to be happy all the time but we cant show it plz help us so they
went  of the wich could only die witha game very amazingly they won then the wich
started to well turn into dust they run to the knight but he is happpy oh no it didnt
work they say but he was happy cause he was but he could be sad goodbye they shouted
then they were bac to the real world
Shy_Actress says:   12 June 2007   135789  
Holy cricket that is a lot! I'll think about it...
Princess_Dramaqueen says:   12 June 2007   845378  
oh plz i realy wont to be in it
rosie_bluee says :   16 March 2008   928921  
that is alot of ideas
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