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100 Things To Do Before I Die♥

100 Things♥

1. Move.
2. Visit his grave.
3. Buy that dress.
4. Dye my hair a nice red colour.
5. Buy some hair extensions.
6. Go up a shoe size.
7. Stop biting my nails.
8. Make my parents proud.
9. Pass my GCSE's.
10. Pass my A levels.
11. Finish Uni.
12. Find him and kick his balls.
13. Get married to an pilot.
14. Get married more than once.
15. Go backpacking around Europe by myself.
18. Go backpacking around the US of A.
19. Finish writing this.
20. Find out who I am.
21. Get a good nickname.
22. Leave England & never look back.
23. Climb a tree without any help.
24. Save a creatures life, some how? Any help?
25. Appear on the news. (:
26. Hug him.
27. Come up with a life plan that could work.
28. Become friends with someone who has connections to the Italian Mafia.
29. Get a tan.
30. Swin with Sharks - Dolphins are boring.
31. Learn to surf.
32. Go scuba diving again.
33. Buy my own Jet Ski & use it.
34. Buy a boat and go somewhere on it.
35. Grow my hair.
36. Buy some coloured contacts.
37. Name a real life penguin Aled.
38. Get Aled to meet Aled.
39. Name something Albert ...
40. Go camping.
41. Sell my English GCSE things on Ebay for £50.
42. Gamble some major money away in Las Vegas.
43. Get a job.
44. Buy a house in LA. (:
45. Get lost in the middle of nowhere by myself.
46. Get into trouble with the police in another country when I'm alone.
47. Stalk Maria down & eat her.
48. Find out the meaning to life.
49. Get into trouble with a major gang.
50. Stay up for over 60 hours.
51. Learn to stand up for myself. :D
52. To grow taller!
53. Skydive! (:
54. Kiss a random person that I don't know in the street. :P
55. Have a proper food fight.
56. Paint Pikachu onto one of my bedroom walls.
57. Make a complete & utter idiot of myself on National/International television.
58. Sleep on a beach under the stars.
59. Sleep in a car on the side of the road.
60. Stop saying "like" so much.
61. Loose a bit of weight.
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  ‹ピカチュウ♥› — Page created: 30 May 2009  |  Last modified: 1 August 2009
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Lyncheh says:   30 May 2009   376824  
"41. Sell my English GCSE things on Ebay for £50."

Haha, you mean anthologies and stuff?
Nobody wants that crap. D:
I think mine's still gathering dust in my room, or the teachers stole it back last
year..or something. XD
‹ピカチュウ♥› says :   30 May 2009   312858  
Shhh, I'm going to sell it. XD They're all full of notes about the lovely poems &
LOTF so I'm going to sell it, somehow... don't ruin my dream! 

I guess I can always burn it with my friends if it doesn't work out. (:

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