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My roleplay characters

New World - Anime Roleplay
Name: Ren Owari Age: 19 Gender: Male Species/Powers: Neko/Neko stuff... enhanced and based off of a cat and crap. Personality: Ren is a go-for-it kind of guy that is very kind and has a soft side that very few know about. Likes/Dislikes: men, odd things, fighting, fish, devil city, books, etc / people who make fun of him because of who he is, being alone, vacuums, gross things, etc History: not really much. Pet: no Other: He is gay and currently has no boyfriend. Relationships with other characters
Name: Lisa Miller Age: 14 Gender: pretty boy D:< just kidding shes a girl like she seems Species/Powers: Kid Chameleon/Kid Chameleon means human child blessed with the powers of a chameleon. when she's an adult, she'll be Human Chameleon. Anyway, she can completely blend in with her surroundings, very good swimming in water and hanging/sitting/climbing/jumping on trees. Personality: Lisa doesn't let the world get her down, but is also a very down-to-earth person. She is very funny, and isn't the type to admit things, like, for example, liking a boy. She's a tom boy, so most boys don't even get into her radar o.o that isn't to say that girls do. they don't. and she rarely gets embaressed. Likes/Dislikes: music, "spying" on people, climbing trees, swimming, sports, books, skirts, / total bi**hes, "ladies men", oranges, school, uncomfortable positions (things like the splits that make your body waaaay too bendy), most ballads, History: Lisa Miller was your average little girl. Except for, she really wasn't. She spent most of her childhood in a forest, and then went to Music City (a place dedicated to music). There she got put into a foster home, and the Miller's took her in. they also named her, because that she got her name(s) from animals. like 'growl' and 'meow'. She went to school like a normal person, and her parents willingly took in her secret and kept it. She ventured back to the Peaceful Forest alot though. Pet: no. the animals she takes home are usually dangerous by nature, and are let back into the wild. Other: She is straight and is single Relationship with other characters Hates Acanthus
I havent done it for any other roleplays yet kthx. i do have other clubs no need to fret.
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