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Because You're Worth It.Lulz.

Sorry.That was a stupid title.But I'm really bored,and I'm going to make a page for you,Morgan. :D Why?Because you're
worth it. 

Remember when this was taken?One of the last days we had together before I moved.This is the only pic of you I have on my computer right now,so sorry if you don't like it. xD SUCK IT UP AND TAKE IT LIKE A MANNNNNNNNNN.Anyway... O___O; Morgan.Too awesome for words.You're honestly one of the coolest,down-to-earth,funny people I've met.The saddest part is,I moved.Halfway across Canada.So I can't really be awesome with you anymore.But we've had some rad ass memories.Like when we put up sticky notes all over my apartment building."OMG CANCA" ROFL.The pedophile on video chat,and the Scott/Ty lookalike.Sexay.The emo hunting.The shopping.The obsession with Twilight.That time when you stayed at my house all night,and we stayed up till FOUR talking about Twilight and emo guys. xD And when I slept over to your house,and we stayed up till four talking about when we get boyfriends.We don't want hairy boyfriends.ROFL.And we said we're going to be the most controllive girlfriends ever.The rock band sessions.And when your brother attempted to sing "What Is Love" on my American Idol game.THAT was a laugh.The dude with cancer trying to hook up with you on your brother's xbox live. O__O; The hilarious "Would You Rather's".The continuous laughing during Bible Humper assemblies in St.Pauls.The cheez whiz mixed with peanut butter.OUR SKIT FOR ENGLISH. xD "Omg hai." "Oh hai." "Let's go watch 'The Hills Have Eyes'" "OK." After the movie "OMG DID YEW SEE THAT GUY WITH TEH CLEFT LIP" "OMG YES HE WAZ SEW UGLY."We would have gotten an A,if it weren't for that bitch of a teacher. :D The time me,you,and Ty got kicked out of class and he was being like the most random dude ever."My cat has nine lives left." "Charmin Ultra." OMG.I could have died.The adventures of Morgan and Courtney.In the winter,when you took a video of me ALMOST falling.Nice job. >.< When we saw an emo guy,and ran for him,but he disappeared. D: The endless laughs in Sex Ed.Kailey's uncle who thought he saw Atlantis.In the puddle,when I fell in that huge puddle on my ass,second half of lunch.When you pushed me off the bars,and thought I was dead for like two seconds.And of course,the goat leg on the iMacs in school. xD AND MOHAMED.Can.Never.Forget.That.Fucking.Pityscum. LMFAO.I kind of feel like crying,because we can't relive those memories for almost a year.This sucks.But when you do come to Newfieland,I'm going to run into you,give you a huge hug,and rape you. :]
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  SexFlavouredPancakes — Page created: 26 September 2008
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morganMAYDAY says:   26 September 2008   698467  
I wanna cry.
I miss these days.
But we are some rad ass mofos fer sure.
morganMAYDAY says:   26 September 2008   769621  
WTF? it didnt all post

Like I said.
Summer '09 is gonna be epic.

I cant wait to have more randomly retarded moments.
SexFlavouredPancakes says:   26 September 2008   613495  
Same same. :D
The emo's get hotter down hurr.
morganMAYDAY says:   26 September 2008   798174  

Good. Cause theres seriously no emo boys here.
Well atleast ones that are straight XD.
SexFlavouredPancakes says:   26 September 2008   181886  
LOL.There's a lot of bisexuals down hurr though.
Still.They're hawt.So s'okay.
morganMAYDAY says:   26 September 2008   573985  
I don't mind bisexuals.
Or gays. But you cant date a boy who only likes guys XD.

ROFL. Shallow much?
"They're hawt. So s'okay"
Hotness makes up for everything.
SexFlavouredPancakes says:   26 September 2008   391293  
It does. :D
WoahItsMorgan says:   6 September 2009   958664  
Oh Jesus.
Look at my creepy smile LMFAO
StickThatInYourJuiceBoxAndSuckIt shouts:   8 September 2009   714691  
but one time me and my friend stalked a emo guy and he disappeared too XDXDXD
SexFlavouredPancakes says :   8 September 2009   412675  
LOLOL. He like, fucking ran off on us. It's like he knew we were chasing him around
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