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Me and My friends and the dumbass things we say
Ok, you shall now read some of the dumb things me and my friends have actually said and ment -___-;; ok lets get started.... Kirsten: shut up Paige! Me: why should I kirsten? Your being annoying Kirsten: WELL YA KNOW WHAT PAIGE!? YOUR SO SHORT YOU USE YOUR PANTS AS YOUR SHIRT!! Me:...... ok.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kirsten: like look at you! Your boobs are like Whapa! I am huge!! Me: no they're not!! Kirsten: yes they are! Me: whatever Kirsten... Kirsten: at least my boobs don't perturde through my skull! Me:... wtf does that mean? Kirsten: *while laughing* I don't know!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ashley: hey, why is Joey Busher sitting at the loser table.. ya know what don't even answer me on that... I answered myself... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ashley: *while looking at a picture of Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) without a shirt* Is he an outie or is that his penis? *says completely serious* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ George: ya know I can't beleive out of all the sperm Kenny was the fastest... Shae: thats hard to beleive... Calvin: ya know actually he was the slowest because the ones that were there first broke the egg thing down... So he was the last one there Shae: well that makes plenty of sense.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gaz: well you seem alot more intelligient than a normal 13 year old well any i know!! Me: *trying to make myself seem dumb* lol how do I seem more intelligent? My intelectual superiority doesn't distain me from my childhood. i'm actually quite on the deliberate side if you cogitate it... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Me: Spiderman Spiderman!! Does whatever a spider can! Spins a web any size! Catches theifs just like flies! Look outttttt its Spiderman!!! Kirsten:... Do I wanna know HOW you know the Spiderman theme song? Me: Listen Ms. I-know-the-veggie-tale-theme-song! Kirsten:... touche'... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Matt: ya know imma pretend to be Nina all night! Kirsten... oh GOD! Matt: *says in gay voice* hey guys!! Oh my god! its like my house! *runs over to a dumpster* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Me: *sad about AJ* Mikey:.. Paige don't be sad. AJ has been through hell and back i'm sure he'll be ok. Me: But what if hes not! Mikey: dude! This is what happens when he goes into the hospital! AJ: hey Doctor: oh AJ I see that your back here for the 17th time today. So what did you do this time? Stand in the middle of the Irac war while getting shot several thousand times then you took off your shoes and dug a hole with your toenails and planted a bomb under the irac soldiers and planted a bomb with your eyelashes then it exploded in your face so now your hair is all burnt up and then you crawled across the pacific ocean back to your home while getting stung by a swarm of electric eels? AJ: close but you forgot the part where I chopped down a tree with my incredibly large penis and then floated across the mississippi river and was attacked by indians but i took out the arrow that stabbed my heart and killed off the whole colony Well right now i'm not in the best mood so i'll finish this later...
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‹Q79› says:   10 February 2008   637564  
kirstie_dreams says:   21 February 2008   852397  
lmao well at least my boobs dont pertrude through my skull...good times lmao good
Rosetta_Zambie says:   25 May 2008   518211  
Espada0 says :   6 November 2009   390702  

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