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Bring Back Old Kupika Movement!

Bring Back Old Kupika (aka BBOK) is a movement to BRING BACK OLD KUPIKA! Old Kupika was a land of thriving art, of safety, of enjoyment for all. It was the Rome of the internet. Everyone was happy. There were: ♪ Commenters ♫ Live Role-playing clubs ♪ No Kupika Wars ♫ Little to no cybering ♪ Little to no trollers ♫ And fun for everyone, even the young and noobs Old Kupika was a place everyone could make friends. Old Kupika was a place no one had to worry about having fun. Old Kupika was a place where no one had to worry their account's messages would be spammed with people wanting to cyber or get told off because of something totally stupid. Old Kupika was a place everyone was safe. Old Kupika was paradise. Help bring back old Kupika! Save the land we will fight to return! COME AND SAVE OUR BELOVED KUPIKA FROM THE DARKNESS THAT HAS BEFALLEN OUR VERY DOORSTEP AND KNOCKS O OUR DOOR TO TAKE OVER! love forever, Belle, Rena, and Love of the BBOK movement <3
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  Serene_Tears — Page created: 7 February 2011
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Rena9000 says:   7 February 2011   916438  
Thats just epic! :D
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   7 February 2011   517811  
thanks :D 
tiggerlemon101 says:   7 February 2011   650249  
This is awesome. 
I miss the way kupika used to be.  
‹RushingStars★› says:   7 February 2011   115149  
Old Kupika sounds like paradise! *sobs*

I only knew Old Kupika for a little while but i want it back!
‹lottecookies› says:   12 February 2011   500388  
It wasn't, honestly.
What has been said here is a load of bullshit - you might say I'm a new member, but
I've been around for longer than you care to know love.

"Old Kupika was a place where no one had to worry their account's messages would. Be
spammed with people... Or getting told off for something really stupid"
Wow, you wouldn't believe the amount of letters I have received from trolling BBOK,
don't YOU think that I'm "getting told off for something really stupid"? Because
that's what this is - "really stupid"
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the hate mail >D
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   14 February 2011   985210  
we're not telling you off... I_I 
‹lottecookies› says:   15 February 2011   876523  
God sakes.
If Rena9000 hadn't been a cowardly ass and not deleted her comments I would be able
to back up my earlier statement.
But no, this 'movement' is slowly falling apart. LOLP 
bringingitback says:   16 February 2011   665072  
This movement has fallen a part.

It's been hacked, and hacked so bad. So you say Trollers are so "two years ago"?
Well, how about Hackers?

Kupika is the same as it once was, and always will be the same. Nothing has changed,
and nothing can be changed. This is the Internet, something uncontrollable. It's a
harsh reality, if I'm honest, but people who don't understand that concept should not
be on the Internet in the first place.

Cyberers, pedos, Trollers... it all existed back then. I know, because I was there,
unlike the majority of you mindless followers of this cause. Where is your
credibility? Nowhere.

Over and out~
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says:   20 February 2011   757968  
Is B.B.O.K. any closer to it's goal?
Serene_Tears says :   9 March 2011   110912  
I'm thinking of ditching this page ((i need the writing though to advertise my new
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