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Kupi_Town a community

Glitter My Words
Glitter My Words Here is a site and you can vote what you want do you want shopping who wants to be prim minister so here are the vote pages WAIT! first we need members well not really! I am the Prim Minister I will hold a vote evry year for a new one but until then I am the Prim Minister. Here is all the other people for Prim Minister: Here are some stuff I have in this community: Jobs (baker vet, anything you can do in real life) Shopping malls (in the mall i will put pics of what you can buy) Taxes Houses Cars Kupi-paper roads parks All you have to do to move in is send me 5 KP for a house To get a car you need to give me 3 Items in my mall will have how much you need to buy it You have to pay taxes every month which are 1 KP You earn money by getting a job! (you don't even do anything unless you are a lawer) If you are a lawer we have a jail and a court and a judge To bail jail you need 10 KP or someone pays it for you so DON'T BREAK THE FOLLOWING NO SWEARING BE KIND NO GROSSNESS HAVE FUN PAY YOUR TAXES HAVE TONS OF FUN! Here is a pic of the mall: Our stores: Here are is our Court House: Here is my house: Here are houses for sale: Houses in Rich estate: (they are 10 KP) Here there are 100 of each acctully they are all never run out! here are some cars: First MINE: Here are the ones for sale: (come as a set) Enjoy!!! There is a MILLIOn of each so enjoy Here are some items in the stores: This is 1220 KP so ya! Kidding it is 1 KP and you get all of it so Ya! here just say what job you want and every new business the person who made it up has to pay all the wworkers 1 KP and Lawers you have to pay 2KP so ya! Glitter My Words
Glitter My Words
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  Seastar — Page created: 11 February 2007
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Seastar says:   11 February 2007   517482  

~Priminister of Kupi-Town!
Sea_Star says:   11 February 2007   936224  


I will have the very first house (not yours) and the 2nd last car the light blue one
I will send ya the 8 KP don't worry!
Seastar says:   11 February 2007   819572  
Thanks for joining Kupi_Town you live on Maple Street well that don't matter
Seastar says:   11 February 2007   461341  
Wait what is your job ok you can just live on Kp you already have
meme0004 says:   11 February 2007   685192  
heyi will like to have a house please and sign me up
MrHello says:   27 February 2007   999793  
My friend's friend,has a kupi-town.
MrHello says :   27 February 2007   656444  
So where you copying her

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