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Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is when you harrass some1 online. 

There have been kids who have killed their self bcuz some1 was harrassing them online!

There was a thirteen year old girl who had a myspace and her best friends parents wanted to know wat the two of them
were doing so they created a fake myspace account. They claimed they were a 16yr old boy named Josh. The thirteen yr old
became very close with "Josh" they talked alot for a few months than randomly after the girl and her best friend got
into a fight "Josh" started sending her harrassing messages. The girl was very upset about it so she sent a nasty
message back. When the girls mom checked her daughters myspace she saw the message that she sent back. The mother told
her that even though she was upset and hurt she should not be swearing. This was the last straw but as she was heading
upstairs 2 her room her father tried to reasure her that everything would be okay. It didn't make any difference wat her
parents said she went into her room and hung herself in her closet. Her parents found her 20 minutes later she was still
alive but she died the next day!

Two of my friends Kasey and Kelly are being ganged up on by two other girls Alyssa and Liz. They were posting bullitens
callibng Kasey and Kelly sluts and bitches. Liz made her headline say things like Fuck you kasey and Kelly, I love my
enimies because i know someday they will die, and the world would b better off without u kc and kelly. Kasey and Kelly
got so upset about this that they r pressing charges.

Harrassment is illegal and if ur doing it on the internet it can be found because computers have a chip in them that
stores evry thing ever typed on ur cpu even after u delete it 

If u are bin bullyed online print off the offensive messages and show them 2 the cops they will take it from there 

If u have a story 2 share about online harrassment send me a message or letter
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  Sammy_94 — Page created: 23 May 2008
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CrazyCute1129 says:   23 May 2008   428466  
That story wusz at the newsz lol itsz soo sad,but why would she actually hang
herself up in the closet? itsz so weird but i really feel bad for her 
Sammy_94 says :   23 May 2008   942712  
yeah me 2 its sooo sad wat ppl do over silly things

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