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That Boy Is Poison <3 ( Story )

The hallways were crowded when I finally made my way into the old school building. Everyone seemed to have their own
little job to do, or somewhere to be...or someone to make out with. Try as I might, I just couldn't avoid shoving the
highly inappropriate scene of Max Lars and Jayne Corbin eating eachother's faces off away from my locker. Both scowled
furiously at me and stalked off hand in hand, I roll my eyes and flick my fringe from my eyes, only for it to fall back
in front of the dark violet eyes once more.
'Wow, originial...'
This was the first thing I said everyday, once more my locker was covered in the usual graffiti of 'Faggot' and 'Emo'.
Too many word's, unmentionable words, also trailed around the locked. Twisting it open, my locker floods with light,
revealing the photo  of me and my sister, Ellie. Then my many school books and my hell bunny plushie, Angel. Of course I
found this incredibly ironic and I smirked before slamming it shut, turning and walking directly into another student.
'Watch it! If you're gonna hit me just fucking do-'
I trail to a halt as I see his face. Well structured bones, a natural tan, glowing emerald eyes and floppy brown hair,
far different from my own spiked black hair that covered my eyes. He smiled down at me, oh my god what a smile, then he
laughed and ruffled my hair,
'Calm down girl, no one's gonna hitcha! You're too damn cute!'
I blush and turn my head away, a jock (Brent Woods, head twat to be precise) picked this moment to ruin everything,
'That's no girl! And he sure as hell ain't cute! Keep away from emo Matt, alright Cam?'
Cam...His eyes were wide and startled, but a faint hint of that smile remained until Brent decided to slam me into my
locker and knock me out...Fuck...

Bright lights and a surging pain in my head, someone's hand were cupping my face and I feebly attempt a break for
freedom but give up due to the soft skin holding his face.
'Matt? Hey, wake up baby doll.'
The soft voice brought him around and his eyes fluttered open, a kind face looking down on him. The girl laughed her
tinkling fairy laugh and helped him up,
'Let me guess, head twat?'
I nod at her and smile shyly. Tia Snow, the dark haired, brown eyed beauty. Her eyes shone as she took a hold of my hand
and dragged me along the corridor, a few boys skipping class stared enviously at her long legs, short skirt and slender
figure. This girl had taken me under her wing in middle school, the day I had announced my sexuality and everyone teased
and stared, she had held my hand just like this to comfort me mistaking me for a girl. But I was her gay best friend,
that was that. It was only in her presence no one dared tease my sexuality or my looks.
'So friday, yeah?'
I jump as her voice breaks my train of thought, through my fringe I see her roll her brown doe eyes,
'I want to go shopping on friday! You have got to come with me, you could do with a shirt for the dance coming
Her laughs drown out my groans, she knows I hate the dances whereas she loves them, yet I always go as her date, much to
the anger of her long term boyfriend, Brent.
'God, if you make me wear a white shirt again you're dead.'
I grin at her so she knows I'm joking, but I think she noticed something in my eyes. Instantly she snatched my elbow and
dragged me just under the stairwell, our secret place. Her hiss sent shivers through me,
'No! Dammit Matt, what did I tell you about this?!'


This is written purely because I'm too lazy to do my homework xD

Comments? :] x
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