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bloody mary

this is the realy story of bloody mary

a girl katie did not believe in scary stories until now

the story goes like this
one day while eating lunch katie n her 2 friends were talking bout scary stories
when her friend bell said " my older sister said that at the stroke of midnight u go
in ur bathroom, when it is really dark n look straight in the mirror say bloody mary
3 times while spinning. then she said then bloody mary will appear in the mirror n
come out with a knife n kill u. then her sis said that her friend did that n died."
katie said that that was not true, n her sis friend was still alive.
that night katie went to go n try this. she went to the mirror at 12:01 at night
just like her friends told her 2. she looked right in the mirror n said bloody mary,
bloody mary, bloody mary while spinning around. nothin happened.
the next day katie told her friends that nothing happened. her friends asked her
"did u do it right at 20 midnight??"
katie said no why? her bell said "u have to do it right at 12 midnight!" katie then
said well then i will try this thing 1 more time. her friends screamed"no katie ur 2
good of a friend please do not do it!!!"
but it was to late katie went home to prepare for the big night
at 11:55 katie went in the bathroom and waited till the clocked ticked midnight.
katie said "bloody mary, bloody mary, bloody mary, n circiled 3 times
at first nothin really happened. then she saw black hair appering. she though "yeah
righ, i am just seeing things"
but then blood shot eyes appeared then a bloody face appeared
bloody marry said in a haunting voice "u called"
katie ran for the door n screamed but the door was locked n for no 1 could here
bloody mary reached out n killed her with a knife.

her parents foound her lying on the floor with a note on the mirror with poor katies
blood saying:
i killed ur daughter, do not tell any1 that i killed her, if u do u will be the next
1 on my list to come to get"

the next day at school the teacher said that katie will not be with us anymore.
her 2 friends though to themselves "she was a good friend, n we warned her"
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  Sammi — Page created: 11 February 2007
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Sammi says:   11 February 2007   874538  
dont worry its not true
Kairi says:   11 February 2007   748294  
oh my friend tried that and she told me that she saw bloody mary moving her hand
down....but my friend didnt die....
alexswife says:   11 February 2007   299272  
I tried it one time and saw her face. Except she wasnt mean. There was a blue neon
light with a girls face on it. It was from the medieveil times.. i dont think shes
bad. Just bad for her reputation and just a girl depressed and a serial killer. We
studied her in class and she was a serial killer killing up to 920 girl slaughtering
them and drinking and bathing in their blood! Theres her name originality, BLOODY
MARY. Just wait......she'll be there.......
hannah16 says:   17 February 2007   774567  
u have 2 publish this again...
hannah16 says:   17 February 2007   666927  
read it 2 urself n make corrections as u read it,
hannah16 says:   17 February 2007   119454  
ex.20 midnight...
kittydog says:   11 March 2007   914629  
it's not true.
Yukis_Locket says:   25 January 2008   731474  
Oh!! I've tried this once(it was a dare) 
It was weeeird..... I saw her face. No worries, I didn't die... Or did I? (heheh.
Sorry,  I was bored, and felt like saying "or did I")
BabyUrsul asks:   7 July 2008   874552  
I mught try that but can u really see her face when u do it??
BabyUrsul asks:   7 July 2008   565871  
I mught try that but can u really see her face when u do it??
BabyUrsul asks:   7 July 2008   399723  
I mught try that but can u really see her face when u do it??
‹Sossidge› says :   7 September 2008   774684  
This story is cool! :D Read my story!
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