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Stupid Stories

I was at my friends b-day party and we decided to play mummy but out side.
Unfortunatly i was the mummy. So i heard a sound and ran toawrds it and i tripped.
then i got up and  heard it again so i ran toawrds it as fast as i could and hit a tree.

                                      POOR TREE

My one friend Jena was sick, and i asked my friend Grace when was Jena comming back.All the sudden
Emily sees i go running toawrds her, while dumb Charlos took out his binder and put it beside him.All the sudden
i relize that charlos' binber was there and i couldnt stop.So i tripped.And my friends hold it agaist me .



my friend and i were on a bus and we got caught in traffic. So the bus driver got out to see what was going on.
While he was talking to the guy in the car ahead of us another guy went to see if he knew what was going on.
After a little while passed the guy went back to his car and CAME OUT WITH BAG PIPES he started plaing 
for no reason.That was the best bus ride ever.

One day me and my friend were researching in the schiool library for our projects.A wierd guy came up and started
 dancing. I ignored him but he kept dancing>hten i decided to tell my friend Olivia.But when she looked he wasn't
She looked at me likie i was crazy.I asked my other friend to help her belive me because she saw him too.She started
 to say she didn't know what i was talking about.Latter he came back and i said "you you" and he repeted me and  
my friend still dosent belive me.
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cookiemonster45 says:   14 May 2009   655169  
lol that is exactly lik me and my friends but did ya no i trip ovr imaginary
imuffin says:   15 May 2009   964111  
katali121 says:   25 May 2009   494268  
they r great
Sakuralol says:   31 May 2009   223292  
edward_cullen_lover says :   6 June 2009   671818  
god ur so stupid no offense i love ur person!!

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