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21 F Philippines
speaks English and Japanese and Tagalog
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Sakura's iShippuudenPod!!!!!:
(will add laterz!!!!)
I'm Sakura!!!Cha!!!People might say I'm a fake,but they're just
jealous of my sexy body!!XD
The Haters:GO LEAVE KUPIKA YOU (insert any bad word phrases)
XxXxXPicture PerfectxXxXx
These are me with some friends.And of course you know me!If you watch
Naruto,that is.......

Hinata,Hana did tell you to move to the left,right?!(Hana is Kiba's
sister.not his mother.Tsume is his mom.I don't care.)

This is our team in the first Shippuuden movie:Naruto-Shippuuden the

I looked like this two and a half years ago(that is when
Naruto:Shippuuden! started.).

There!!!I've been improving lately,thwnks to Tsunade-baachan.(Even if
I almost died....XD)

Bunny ninjas?!!!!!OxO

XxXxXxSasu Saku-Naru Saku InquiriesXxXxXxX
What's that?A Naru-Saku and Sasu-Saku questionnaire?!GET MY
AGENT!!!!!*snaps fingers*
I'm busy giving autographs.XD
XxXxXThe QuestionnairexXxXx
(All is answered by my agent.)
Personally,I think that Sasuke is cute.
But I sorta got closer to Naruto,I mean,I did miss him...
WHOA REWIND!!!!You just didn't read that part.XD
But I want to stick to my training more so that I can find my inner
Anyways,Ino,go on and flirt with Sasuke XD after all,I don't HAVE time
for love.
I only have some time for crushing though XD
Anyways,I think that people just might be pushing it......
I mean,they only judge by the way the couples look.
They miss out to look inside and analyze.They're just all like....
"Sasu-Saku?!They look horrible!!!""Naru-Saku sucks!Sakura here doesn't
even do a dang with him!!!"And other stuff like that.And even,"Lee is
great with Sakura!!"I don't even like him,you jerks O_o
Stfu,people.Stop choosing my destiny.Or else you're all TALKING
xXxXxXMy friendsxXxXxX
The Females
Ino-We're not fighting much anymore cause I'm not thinking about
Sasuke anymore.

Temari-She's so cool!!!!!(but she's not the only cool one here!! )

Tenten-A Jounin like Kakashi sensei!!(by the way,the REAL Kakashi is
not gay.spammers.)

Hinata-She's got some potential in her.Don't worry-She'll be tough
soon enough!Cha!

Tsunade-Tsunade-baachan is my trainer now!Hmm...what happened to sir

Shizune-Finding her pic is hard XD

The Males
Naruto-I'm not done with ya'll!!!COME BACK HERE YOU JERK!!!!!XD(he
looks cute in this pic too!v)

Sasuke-You jerk!!!!Had to go over to Orochimaru.....

Shikamaru-One of the geniuses!!!!

Kiba-Dog face!!!!!!XD

Kakashi-My old sensei!!!Wait a minute-who are you talking to?!

Rock Lee-Get off my case!Oh,wait!!!Yay!!!naruto's being

Gaara-He's the KazeKage?!!!!

Sai-Sasuke-kun,blah's,replacement.He's a good drawer!!!Wait-Sai,that
ain't the way to make friends!!!!!XD

Shino-Think your sister,whoever she is,can come over and go all,"Go
team" with her "pompoms"?XD

XxXThe Shippuuden Prom!!!!xXx

Tsunade: "This was the WRONG day to wear green."

Rock Lee: "Apparently hard work does pay off."

Sai: "I like big butts and I cannot lie. You other brothers (who lack
penis) can't deny."*

Hinata: "Naruto will have to notice me this time!"

Temari: "Since when were you such a romantic, Shikamaru?"

Shikamaru: "Since I set eyes on you, my love."

Naruto: "Wow, Hinata is really booty-poppin'!"

Gamakichi: "Hey Naruto, when did Hinata become such a fox?"

Gamatatsu: "Almost there..."

Gaara: "Busted..."

Jiraiya: "Simmer down kid, I won't get you in trouble if you give me a

Sakura: "This sucks, why didn't Sasuke ask me to the prom?"

Ino: "Sasuke is such a dark, sultry and mysterious loner. I must have

Sasuke: "Yeah, I'm gellin'."
See ya,wouldn't wanna be ya!!!!!Yeah right.XD

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Q&A Section   
‹Rock_Ninja› 14 Jul 08  
*Ino comes up really angry* 


Ino: I beg your pardon, did I just hear you say that Sakura is prettier than me?
Sakura_HarunoxX 15 Jul 08  
*sighs*Well,there goes Shippuuden...XD
‹Rock_Ninja› 14 Jul 08  
Yep, one of the greatest ninjas I know. (oh and I have to say out of you and
Ino, I think that you're prettier)
Sakura_HarunoxX 15 Jul 08  
Haha....well,Ino and I don't fight much now,but thanks!
‹Rock_Ninja› 7 Jul 08  
oh okay, let me introduce myself, I'm Lex
Sakura_HarunoxX 8 Jul 08  
Hi Lex!As you know,I'm Sakura!
‹Rock_Ninja› 5 Jul 08  
how are you today?
Sakura_HarunoxX 6 Jul 08  
Having breakfast XD
‹Rock_Ninja› 30 Jun 08  
Hi, I think you're an awsome ninja.
Sakura_HarunoxX 5 Jul 08  
Thank you,and of course I am!!!(joking XD)
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