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Stories and stuff with my friends! ^^

(( Normally, I would do this on my other account, but I'm more active here, soo.. >.> ))

As Sakura Haruno:

Me: No, don't sing it!
Sasuke: Oh, I will! *sings the avenger song*
Naruto: The pain!
Me: The Horror!

Naruto: Hey Shikamaru, there's a black pineapple on your head.
Shikamaru: That's my hair, you idiot... -.-

Sasuke: At least I don't say believe it all the time!
Naruto: At least I don't have duck butt hair!
Sasuke: ....
Naruto: It's true... *shrug*

Neji: I have a poem!
TenTen: Let's hear it!
Neji: Roses are red, Violets are blue, If we fight, I will always beat you.
TenTen: ... -.-

Naruto: The pain!
Me: The Horror!
Sasuke: The avenger!
Me: ...
Naruto: *coughcough*
Sasuke: >.>

As Rika:

Me: I hate you.
Guy Friend: Awww, I hate you too!

XDDD That was funny. When I say guy friend, it's a friend that's a boy, okay?

Me: I believe I can die!
Friend Girl: I believe I can kill you now!
Me: See that man near the window~ *points*
Guy Friend: *passes by*

You see when I pointed, he passed by, so when I said See that man near the window, I was pointing at him. XD

Guy Friend2: Wow, Rika, I love your hair!
Me: ....?
Guy Friend2: ....Nevermind..

He sounded gay when he said that. :B

Friend girl: Music?
Me: *Turns on music*
Both: A boom dee ada, boom dee ada, boom dee ada, boom dee ada, (Ahhhhhh) Boom dee ada, Boom dee ada, 
Me: *turns off music*
( now when I say girl, my friend is a girl. If boy, my friend is a boy )
Mandarin class

Girl: Ni Hao!
Me: Ni hao!
Girl: Ni hao ma?
Me: Wo hen hao. Ni ne?
Girl: Wo ye hen hao.


Girl: Ni ne! Oh, Ni hao!
Me: *laughs* XD

Girl: Ni hao!
Me: Ni hao!
Girl: Ni hao ma?
Me: Wo bu mang.
Girl: ... *laughs*

Me: Konnichiwa!
Boy: Ni hao ma? Wo bu mang!

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‹Inactive. On hiatus. Sorry guys› says:   10 January 2010   624267  
Oh yes...the avenger song. >=D

((xDDD the last one was hilarious))
SakuraBlossom_Haruno says :   11 January 2010   401916  
No! DX

(( I knopw, right? XD ))

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