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26 F Japan
speaks English and Chinese, Hakka and Japanese
Last login: 6 February 2007
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Member since: 3 February 2007
Name: Usagi Tsukino
Name Meaning: Moon Field Rabbit
Birthday: 30 June
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O
Family Members: Father (Magazine Editor), Mother (Dedicated
Housewife), Shingo (Fifth Grade)
Interests: Sleeping, Eating
Favorite Colors: Pink, White
Favorite Class: Home Economics
Least Favorite Class: English, Math
Favorite Foods: Ice Cream, Cake
Least Favorite Food: Carrots
Hopes To Go To: Chateau de Versailles
Habit: Smiles to Cheat People, Cries to get what she wants
Special Skill: Blackmailing, persuading people by crying
Pet she wants to raise: A pure white rabbit
Dislikes: Dentists
Motto: A sleeping child grows up!
Favorite Stone: Diamond
Seiyuu: Kotono Mitsuishi, Araki Kae

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Supersonic Waves 
When Usagi cries in episode 001, super sonic waves are emitted from
her red hair pieces, incapacitating the youma and enabling her to
destroy it. This attack does not have an official name.       
Moon Prism Power, Make-Up 
The phrase Usagi Tsukino uses to become Sailormoon using the brooch
that Luna gives her. This phrase first appears in episode 001.       
Moon Tiara Action
Sailor Moon's first attack in which she throws her tiara like a
frisbee at the youma, destroying it. Sometimes, it can be used in
conjunction with the attacks of other senshi to become more powerful.
It first appeared in episode 001.       
Moon Power, Ni nare
A phrase that Usagi Tsukino uses in order to transform into any form
she chooses, allowing her to disguise herself and go places or follow
people that she ordinarily could not. It requires the use of the
disguise pen, which was give to her by Luna. Minako even uses it once
to disguise herself as Sailor Moon. It first appears in episode 003.  
Moon Tiara Stardust
One of Sailor Moon's attacks that appeared only once, in episode 005
of the anime. It is just like Moon Tiara Action, except that it
sprinkles dust over children that are posessed by the chanela, healing
Sailor Moon Kick
An offensive attack of Sailor Moon's that appears first in episode 17.
She uses it mainly to surprise the opponent. This is a physical attack
in which she performs a flying jump kick at the adversary.       
Moon Healing Escalation
Sailor Moon's power that she uses to revert Nijizuishou carriers back
to their human forms, thus "healing" them. It also initially works on
evil Endymion. The Moon Stick is used for this power. It appears in
episode 25 of the anime.       
Moon Crystal Power, Make-Up
The phrases Usagi Tsukino uses in Sailor Moon R to become Sailor Moon
with the first compact which she received from Queen Serenity. It
first appeared in episode 51.       
Moon Princess Halation
An attack used by Sailor Moon to blast away her enemies using the
Cutie Moon Rod. It first appears in episode 51.       
Sailor Body Attack
Sailor Body Attack is a physical attack used by Sailor Moon in episode
061, during her battle with Cooan. She literally throws her body at
her opponent.       
Moon Crystal Power
The phrase that Sailor Moon says to heal the Ayakashi Sisters using
the Ginzuishou. She also uses this phrase during her battle with
Moon Cosmic Power, Make-Up
the phrase that Usagi Tsukino uses in Sailormoon S to transform into
Sailor Moon. She uses the Cosmic Heart Compact, and this is her third
transformation phrase. It first appears in episode 91.       
Moon Spiral Heart Attack
Sailor Moon's attack using the Spiral Heart Moon Rod. It creates a a
spiral whirlwind of hearts that blasts into daimons. Just before a
daimon is killed it shouts out, "Lovely!" It first appeared in episode
Crisis, Make-Up
A secondary transformation used by Sailor Moon to temporarily become
Super Sailor Moon using the Holy Grail. It first appears in episode
Rainbow Moon Heart Ache
Super Sailor Moon's attack which is basically an upgrade of Moon
Spiral Heart Attack. The same maneuver is performed, but this attack
can only be used when she has transformed into Super Sailor Moon. It
appears in episode 112. In the SuperS movie album, it is called
"Rainbow Moon Heart Quake."       
Moon Gorgeous Meditation (alone)
Super Sailor Moon's attack in the SuperS season. It requires use of
the Moon Kaleidoscope. After ChibiMoon calls on Pegasus, Moon uses the
attack to destroy the enemy. It first appears in episode 128.       
Moon Gorgeous Meditation (with ChibiMoon)
Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor ChibiMoon's attack that is used
only once. It is used during the SuperS movie in order to defeat Queen
Badiane and her Black Dream Hole. All of the senshi lend their power
to Sailor Moon and Sailor ChibiMoon, and the energy revives the
unconscious ChibiUsa, allowing her to transform again. Sailor
ChibiMoon and Sailor Moon then join hands and attack together.       
Moon Crisis, Make-Up
the phrase that Usagi Tsukino says in conjunction with ChibiUsa to
transform into Super Sailor Moon. It first appears in episode 130, and
uses the Crisis Moon Compact.       
Moon Eternal, Make-Up
The phrase used to become Eternal Sailor Moon in the anime. It first
appears in episode 168.       
Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss
Eternal Sailor Moon's attack in which she flip her rod above her head,
and brings it back in front of her. She then spins around and uses it
on the enemy, a phage. Feathers fly around the enemy and he or she is
transformed back to his or her human form. It first appears in episode
Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss
The power that Eternal Sailor Moon receives from Sailor Chibi Chibi.
It is an upgrade from Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss. Feathers fly
around her as she spins three times and attacks. It first appears in
episode 187 of the anime.       

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 Transformation Brooch
The brooch given to Usagi Tsukino by Luna in episode 001. It allows
her to transform into Sailor Moon with "Moon Prism Power, Make Up!"  
 Red Hair Pieces
Hair pieces that appear on the buns in Sailor Moon's hair when she
transforms, beginning in episode 001. They allow her to hear that Naru
is in danger, and when she cries, they emit supersonic waves which
incapacitate the enemy, allowing her to attack.  
A tiara that appears on Sailor Moon's forehead when she transforms,
beginning in episode 001. It can be removed in order to perform the
attack, "Moon Tiara Action," in which she throws the tiara like a
frisbee at her opponent. It is also used in the one-time attack, "Moon
Tiara Stardust," in which it sprinkles healing moondust over possessed
children in episode 005.  
 Disguise Pen
A pen given to Usagi Tsukino by Luna in episode 003. This pen allows
Usagi to transform herself into different forms and disguises when she
says the words, "Moon Power... ni nare!"  
 Communication Device
The communication device is a small, flat, computer-like object that
is used by the senshi in the first season in order to communicate with
each other. This item first appears in episode 017.  
 Moon Stick
The Moon Stick was given to Sailor Moon by Luna in episode 025. It
signifies her as the leader of the senshi, and is used in her "Moon
Healing Escalation" attack to heal those who were possessed by the
Dark Kingdom. Later in the series, the Ginzuishou was affixed to the
Moon Stick, significantly increasing its powers.


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