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25 F Japan
speaks English and Chinese, Wu and Japanese
Last login: 3 February 2007
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Member since: 3 February 2007
Name: Ami Mizuno
Birthday: 10 September
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Blood Type: A
Family Members: Mother (doctor)
Hobbies: Reading, playing chess
Favorite Sport: Swimming
Favorite Colors: Light Blue
Favorite Class: Mathematics
Least Favorite Class: None
Favorite Foods: Sandwiches, honey
Least Favorite Food: Hamachi
Hopes To Go To: Greece
Habit: Pondering, Putting her hand to her mouth
Special Skill: calculating
Pet she wants to raise: A wise cat like Luna
Dislikes: Love Letters
Motto: Pure, Honest, Beautiful!
Favorite Stone: Sapphire
Seiyuu: Aya Hisakawa

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Mercury Power, Make Up!
The phrase Ami Mizuno uses to transform into Sailor Mercury, used
first in Episode 8. Ribbons twirl around her, and there is a ripple
Mercury Star Power, Make Up!
The phrase Ami Mizuno uses to transform into Sailor Mercury in part of
Sailor Moon R, S, and SuperS. It is used first in Episode 62. Blue
stars spin around her, she spins around, ribbons surround her, and she
ends posing in front of a blue Mercury symbol.       
Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up!
The phrase Ami Mizuno uses to transform into Super Sailor Mercury, her
final form in the anime. It is first used in Episode 151. She uses a
new henshin pen in this one. The pen emits a blue light that engulfs
everything, and Ami turns into Sailor Mercury.        
Sabão Spray
Sailor Mercury's attack in which she uses mostly to distract the
enemy, so that it can't see the senshi, in order for another soldier
to use a more forceful attack to destroy it. She summons bubbles in
the air and shoots them at the enemy, leaving a bubbly mist that can't
be seen through. First appeared in episode 8, when Sailor Mercury
appears. It is her first attack. "Sabão" means "soap" in Portuguese.
This attack is often incorrectly called Shabon Spray. In the Dic Dub,
it is called "Mercury Bubbles Blast."       
Sabão Spray Freezing
The powered up version of Sailor Mercury's Sabão Spray. It is her
second attack and first offensive attack, although not as powerful as
some of the other senshi's attacks. With this, the Sabão Spray
freezes the target. Appears first in Episode 53. In the English DiC
dub, it is called Mercury Ice Storm.       
Shine Aqua Illusion
Sailor Mercury's third attack, after Shabon Spray and Shabon Spray
Freeze. Mercury gathers energy from a single drop of water falling to
the ground, and spins around, conjuring up water. She guides the water
through the air with her left hand, and then shoots the massive column
of water it at the opponent, surrounding the him or her in water or
freezing him into a solid block of ice. First appears in Episode 62.  
Mercury Aqua Mirage
Super Sailor Mercury's most powerful attack. It was shown ONLY in the
movie special, "Ami-chan no Hatsukoi". She used it to destroy the evil
spirit, Bonnone (Bonne), that was sending her love letters. A swirling
stream of water forms a sphere, which she guides in an arc with her
right hand, finally causing it to drop and splash at her feet. It then
swirls around her body. She then raises her arms above her head and
thrusts them in front of her, sending forth a large column of water
that divides into smaller columns, which seek out the opponent and
strike, forming a glowing sphere around the enemy, which suddenly
explodes in a huge wave of water, revealing the target - who is now
just a mass of water - who then explodes also.       
Mercury Aqua Rhapsody 
Super Sailor Mercury's attack in which she plays a harp. Water shoots
from the harp, and hits the enemy. Appears first in Episode 151.      

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 Transformation Pen
Sailor Mercury's first transformation stick which she uses in episode
008 to transform into Sailor Mercury for the first time. This first
transformation pen is blue with a disk on top that shows the Mercury
symbol. It is used in her "Mercury Power, Make Up!" transformation.  
 Super Computer
A miniature Super Computer that was given to Sailor Mercury by Luna in
episode 009. It can be used to analyze enemies and other objects upon
which data is needed, enabling her to find weak points in her enemies.
Ami can also use the computer to communicate with the other senshi
through their communication devices, as seen in episode 057.  
 Mercury Goggles
When Sailor Mercury presses her right earring, a visor appears over
her eyes. It scans objects around her and analyzes them. Text appears
on the visor's front, giving the wearer information, but it still
enables to wearer to see clearly. This item appears first in episode
 Communication Device
The communication device is a small, flat, computer-like object that
is used by the senshi in the first season in order to communicate with
each other. This item first appears in episode 017.  
 Star Power Stick
Ami's second transformation stick, which she uses to transform into
Sailor Mercury. It first appears in episode 062. It increases her
power as a senshi, and enables her to transform with "Mercury Star
Power, Make Up!"  
 Wristwach Communicator
A communication device that is worn on the wrist of each of the senshi
in order to communicate with each other. It first appears in episode
 Crystal Change Rod
Ami's third and final transformation stick, which she uses to
transform into Sailor Mercury with "Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up!"
She and the other Inner Senshi received their wants in episode 143,
when they finally decided to trust Pegasus.  

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