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Hi People Of The World, that happen to be reading this webpage. Me: Age: 9. Sch: Old Palace. Favourite Colour: Blue. Favourite Drink: Bubble gum juice. YES, we...I advertise on this!! My friends are: Imogen, Sanjana, Keely, Lucy, L'oyin, Sophie, Moesha, Helsy, Zoe, Niamh and Jasmine. Me: Hair: Brown Short Eyes: Grey-Blue Secret: I have a blankie, a teddy and I suck my thumb. Most embarassing moment : When I was at Keely's party and my mum said," Bye guys! Amelia's going now!" Most funniest moment : At my 8th Birthday I had a sleepover. We were having lunch and Simran wanted a baby bell. So she picked one up............and put it back. It all went quiet. Simran decided she wanted the babybell, so she picked it up, half opened, and put it back! The Moment I was the middle of attention: It was History and we were learning about Anne Boleyn. I put my hand up and said," What is the difference bettween a Gilateen and Block of wood to be beheaded on". I had to get up, stand on the table and be killed twice in demontration of the way a Gilateen kills you and the blank of wood and an axe way! NO , I DID NOT REALLY DIE. YES, IMOGEN DID TRY TO TAKE MY ROOM! Story: Dad's Birthday It was Dad's birthday. Dad had a cake. He had a bike. He got on the bike. "Go on, Dad," said Biff. "Go on, Dad," said Chip. "Go on, Dad," said Kipper. Dad fell off! Oh no! Poem: All wet Tommy had a water gun. He squirted it at Jimmy, at Jamey, George, and Jennifer, and Katie, Kim and Timmy. He squirted Sally on the nose. he squirted Molly on the toes. he laughed and though it lots of fun till- Sammy got him with the hose. Song: We will rock you! Buddy youre a boy make a big noise Playin in the street gonna be a big man some day You got mud on yo face You big disgrace Kickin your can all over the place We will we will rock you We will we will rock you Buddy youre a young man hard man Shoutin in the street gonna take on the world some day You got blood on yo face You big disgrace Wavin your banner all over the place We will we will rock you We will we will rock you Buddy youre an old man poor man Pleadin with your eyes gonna make you some peace some day You got mud on your face You big disgrace Somebody better put you back in your place We will we will rock you We will we will rock you Random Websites you might want to try: Back Soon!!! (from 22nd) Back!!! I have a cat (who is so fat) and her name is poppy. She is a Tabby(wohoo)! Games: Action Painting: Beat the boss: Ducky Bounce: Pixel Sculpture: Fafu the Ostrich: Nicohla's weird adventure: Shop lifter: Phrozenflame: I will add more soon but now it is time for....... Most Embarassing moment of the fort-night! Today we have the moment to....... Romy! Well, Romy was being rude to Sayyedda and then Sayyedda tried to stick up for herself. Then Romy told the community police that Sayyedda was tring to pick a fight with her. And On the 23rd the police came here because they had phoned up Sayyedda and she said she didn't do anything so Romy was told of BADLY! Adding soon!
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