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Just Like You

Tell me what you think. When everyone is okay with living, And all you want to do is die. He touches her as they lay on his filthy, tear-stained mattress. This is all she knows as her high comes from the filthy air in gasps, gasps, gasps. Don't say a word and maybe no one will notice that your skin is too pale, your arms have yellow-ish finger marks on them and that layer of makeup is hiding a bruise. They all think you're fine, why should they worry about the perfect little girl in a perfect little world. Hush, darling, or they think you do it for attention. They all look up to your father, he is the one with all the authority. They don't know about the secret in his closet, that daddy likes to play when no one is looking. You've upset him again. Why didn't you just do as he asked? You berate yourself as you clean the blood off your face, you ask why your mother doesn't know. Daddy stole your innocence, he plucked a flower when it wasn't ready to bloom. Now that flower is withering away, under the careful control of the abuser. "I own you." With those words you sealed my fate. Locked away, far from the world, you made me into your little plaything. But, now that I'm far from your grasp, why do I want to go back? I can hear the sound of rain as I sit here in the dark, tortured by the thoughts that run through my head, slowly becoming lost. Things ypu told me when you were drunk, so different than when you're sober. You could be so cruel and mean, but once you had a few in ya... I ponder why I stay with you, I really do not know. This question has been asked a billion times, yet the answer isn't here. You don't say 'I love you', you don't say you care. You simply wait until I'm broken enough to crawl back for repair. You say "I love you" then you shove me to the floor. This is your final warning, someone's gonna get hurt and it's not gonna be me. Watch your back because you might get stabbed. My heart is your piƱata, manipulator, instigator. Ultimate controller, see ya later. I just wanna go our tonight, I don't wanna fight, I don't wanna fight, tell me you love me then you turn me black and blue. I love you, I love you, I love you when you hurt me. I love you, I love you, I love it when you tease me,
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