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Forever and Ever 4 Seasons: Tales of 8th Graders

hello im rukii and this will be my 9th novel its called forever and ever 4 seasons so ill hope ull enjoy it{plz read
dairy for more details once started}this story is about me and my friends in real life and how we tell u our stories and
the events that went on in my skool in the story mi name will be Insane since many of my friends call me that so

Insane Psycho

Name: Insane Psycho
Age: 14
Height: 5'5
Hobbies:singing,dancing,writting,fighting(when needed)
Dislikes: having to yell,someone makin her friiends cry infront of her
Clan: leader of kitten club(candy kitten)
Information:Insane is very secrective about her life becuz she doesnt want anyone to kno about her past.Shes very kind
to most of her friends but she doesnt like to be around them all the time she likes being alone at times. When ppl ask
her y she does that she says it makes her peaceful.Shes a great novelist and poetist. She has past this down to all of
her friends which are now great poestist and novelist as well. When Insane is mad..dont ever make her even more mad or
ull have to pay te price.She has a main secret which she had only told 2 of them is dead becuz of it and now
she suffers so most likely Insane os always in a bad mood.

DarDar Ito

Name: DarDar Ito
Height: 5'3
Hobbies: reading,writting,talking to friends
Dislikes:none really
Clan: kitten club {sex kitten} (HEHE)
Information: DarDar is the most queitest girl ull ever meet.When she tlks to u sumtimes its like a whisper but DarDar is
very wild when ppl arent around so it makes her unquie.Its hard 2 tell when shes mad or sad bcuz she never relly shows
any emotions and thats another thing many like about her.shes like a friend to every1 becuz no1 hates her nor does she
do anything one has problems wit her at all. DarDar and Insane used to hate each other bcuz of their diff
personalities..until one day a phone call had changed everything now theyre the best of friends.


Name: Ambie Sonikito
Age: 15
Hobbies:talkin bout her crush,hangin wit friends,dissing ppl
Clan:kitten club{kiss kitten}
Dislikes: ppl wiho messes wit her 4 no reason
Information:Even though she been through alot in her life Ambie keeps her head held high.No matter wat ppl say bout her
she wont let that affect her personal life and shell keep on bn who she is. Ambie was picked on since the 1st grade
becuz of the way she looked so she always had cried and cried..when ppl saw her cry they neveer even asked wats rong or
looked at her they just kept on walking. One day a girl named DarDar had came and sheded light upon her and they becam
friends.3rd grade Insane had became Ambies friend as well and DarDar didnt like it so they just hated on each other.In
the 4th grade Insane had betrayed Ambie and stopped bn her friend....when 6th grade came Ambie and Insane had set aside
their differentces and becam friends once again,DarDar however still wasnt Insanes friend so yea they kept hating...a
girl named Miki came to the school Ambie and miki  becam friends in the 7th grade.Miki was also frineds wit DarDar and
Insane but the two still werent friends so yea u kno the rest.By the time 8th grade came DarDar and Insane set aside
their diffs and were friends..Miki had betrayed Ambie so now they arent friends.Lets see wat happends in 8th grade shall


Name: Miki Natsora
Height: 5'2
Clan: kitten club{sexy cat}
Dislikes:ppl who tlk bout her face
Hobbies:singing dancing sheerleading
Information:Miki is yer average cheerleading middle school girl,she also have a weird side which makes her more fun to b
around.Miki is nearly friends wit every1 except Ambie. they tlk bout each other 24/7 all becuz of an accident(read dairy
to find that out),Many ppl in skool call Miki and slut..whore..or peecock all bcuz of her face and bcuz of all the guys
she likes. she gets mad at it but she keeps on going and going.Its her 8th grade year andshe cant wait to get the right
one...wats in store for Miki? will find out


Name:Satoshi Miwa
Hobbies:reading, helping others,tortucing his sister for fun
Dislikes: having to yell,..others things
Clan:Lets hurt ppl(vice President)
Information:Satoshi is Mikis older brother..he likes to mess wit her to make her pissed off, every since their mother
died they had lived together in an apartment.He somtimes bes a bitch to his lil sister by hittin her when hes mad but in
the end they are the perfect brother and sister.Satoshi had traveled far away leavin Insane at home alone
sumtimes....Hes in Insanes class this year and he has a wild side wit the ladies.Satoshi has a secret that he doesnt
reveal to anyone not even his on sister which cases bad things to happen between them two and things are never the same
again.Hes friends wit everyone in the skool but when his old rival comes bk things get twisted around and things go
insanely crazy.

these are pictures of us in school

{from left to right} its insane,ambie,miki dardar and a new girl named eli

{satoshi} hes doing all his skool work n now hes tired(HEHE)

{ Miki and Insane eating lunch} mmmm

{DarDar and Ambie walkin home no homo}

well thats all i have as of now of wat i need...the kitten club is just a fun thing we do in skool lots of the ppl in
our skool is party of the kitten club guys and girls are in it....thats all...any questions comment suggestions just let
me kno k^^
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