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The story of a married girl and boy that`s pregnant!!

On monday Lilyann told herself she was going to tell Logan today,Hey Logan um i ..need to tell you something,okkk
Lilyann what is it?I`m.........Pregnant (Lilyanna sits and starts 2 cry)Oh! my little lilyflower,it`s ok are you
sure?Yes Logan i took 6 test and went to the doctor,okkk baby it`s going to be okk wait.......yeh lilyann,my appt is in
6 weeks ok okk lilyann ,now bye ,bye logan

(6 Weeks later) well Miss.Icacenn It seems your having twins,WHAT! Lilyann it`s ok babe doc i`ll take her home ok.Logan
TWINS! I know (Logan hugs her)

(Lilyann`s 6 monthes )
LOGAN! what is is it lilyann! they kicked! feel! WoooW we have a kicker !!!!!

(she`s 8 and 1 week)
3:32 am LOGAN what my water just broke!ok lets go I`ll go get the car .Ok LILYANN PUSH!1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10!
PUSH!12345678910 the boy is out ok PUSH!12345678910 ,PUSH 123456 it`s a girl Mr. and mrs Icecenn what are the names well
Logan u pick the boy i`ll pick the girl Well the boy will be Conner  Andrew Icecenn and the girl will be?.........
Hilary ann Icecenn.

CHAPTER 2 (16 years later)
Conner! get down here now!,okkkkkkk mum.(Hilary)Mum dad i need to tell you some thing yes dear
i`m.......................................Pregnant,WHAT!! I`m sorry how long have you know hilary ,4 days i told Grayson
last night mum.
(8 and a half monthes later)
12:48 am mummmmmmmm daddddddddddd what dear what is it I think owwww yep i had an contraction.Ok miss.icecenn it`s a...

(chapter 3)
a boy what would you like to name him?(hilary) well i like Bryan ,(grayson)so then the name will be Bryan dave icecenn
jackielen ok we`ll clean him up then you can hold bryan.
(4 weeks later)
Hilary ann icecenn will you marry me.....................................?

(chapter 4)
Yes i will marry you Grayson Jackielen!!!
(get`s up kisses her)
(at hilary`s home)
mum dad me and Grayson are engaged!
Ohhh my little baby is geting married, mum i turned 17 last week!
but you still my baby,oh Congrates you two!
So should i call you mum and dad? 
YES call me mum 
'Just call me Logan.
ok sir,i mean logan
Hailry I have a gift for you,what is it Grayson????!
 I got us an......

(chapter 5)
A apartment,it`s a 3 bed room with one bathroom and kitchen
ohhhh Grayson!(kisses him) I love you,and i want another baby,but not now later
i know that`s why I got an 3 bed room!
wait did bryan just say? 
He just said............................

(chapter 6)
He just said mama!
but he`s only 7 weeks old!
then he must be smart!
Oh my little bribri said mama!
I love you grayson
I love you too hilary
(that night they has One HELL of a night)
(3 weeks later)
Grayson I`m...........................

(chapter 7)
I think I`m pregnant
what do you mean think'well I took 3 tests but i`m going to the doctors today at 2:30
(dr`s. appt)
Well miss Jackielen you are indeed pregnant and might i say congrades
GRAYSON!!! what? I`m pregnant!
(in shock) Um um um Grayson are you happy are mad?
Well of corse I`m HAPPY I`m just running this throw my head
(kisses her then huggs her then spins her around)
Grayson stop spining me or i might get sick
ohh sorry, that`s ok
Mum dad we have something to tell you

(chapter 8  )
I`m Pregnant!
Honey you just had a baby less then 4 monthes ago!'
I know  mum !
Well i guess we should have some wine and apple jucie for you deary
and mum also we got an

(chapter 9 )
we got an apparment

Chapter 10
mama hagy
you hungrey?
yeh yeh!
Ringggg Hello Yes this is her OMG
'wat ma 
hun we have to go something happed to your papa!

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butterfly600 says:   22 March 2007   775518  
That's a really good story. i like how it starts from Lilyann to Hilary doing the
same thing.
Pinkwink9 says:   23 March 2007   996364  
u MUST continue
‹FMLYHM› says:   24 March 2007   748914  
glamorous332 says:   24 March 2007   371787  
abercrombie24 says:   24 March 2007   681964  
continue its awesome
hotmomma says:   24 March 2007   761298  
that would be funny
Pinkwink9 says:   25 March 2007   881697  
I cant wait 2 read more!
Pinkwink9 says:   27 March 2007   558853  
stop stopping!!
Blair says:   30 March 2007   623857  
OMG! did you write that? its so goood! awesome! keep up da good work! and PLEASE
continue! are you going to? p.s. i sent you 2 e-mails!
Aquamarine33 says:   30 March 2007   313238  
shaprincesss says:   30 March 2007   312682  
so when i write you try to but no i'm not hating but i'm affend to write one better
SamBoy101 says:   2 April 2007   885399  
no offensive but this kinda sucks...
THEbigO says:   2 April 2007   384468  
make it like a play with the names in front of every line
sexieLauR1e says:   6 April 2007   526568  
RockRoyalty says:   7 April 2007   889928  
hey girl/sister i love the story PLEASE continue!!! i love it!!
cryallnight says :   20 April 2007   687741  
lol thats kewl
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