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Personal ADS!! (not like on kupika page) lookin 4 a BF,GF,pen-pal, etc.?

If you want to post personal ads here instead of on the kupika front page then here you go. If you can't post personal ads on the regular one or you can you just want to get more friends,pen pals, BFFs, or even BFs or GFs, you can put it here. Only this one is different, It's FREESTYLE!!! you can post WHATEVER you want like an Elouai doll to show what u look like or post actual pictures of yourself,or just simply tell about yourself BRIEFLY and maybe you'll find a friend!!!!!!!! You can also just LOOK at this page to find your friends, and tell me if this page is useful or not ok?!?! If you want to be a member of this and daily look at this on here or WHATEVER!!!Give me your real name and your username so I can put it next to your username under members........and I can give special shout outs or messages to a given name (not username) to someone special of yours too. REMEMBER: When you give your shout out you have to send it to me in a letter so the other person doesn't see it, request the name of which you are sending it to, who it is from, and what the message is.............please don't make it mushy! (like talking about sex and all that) They also have to be a member so they look at it...... it would be stupid to send a shout out to a person that isn't going to look at it! DUH!!! Here are the members: RoxyStarPrincess (Hillary.....ME!) Special Messages: (The first one is just an example) To:Hillary From:Josh Message: I love you honey! I am giving you a shout out because I love you so much! Remember to rate my page!
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  RoxyStarPrincess — Page created: 5 March 2007  |  Last modified: 17 March 2007
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pinkrose writes:   5 March 2007   546978  
hi there im pinkrose
mail me!!!!
RoxyStarPrincess says:   5 March 2007   922112  
The_Queen_of_Drama357 says:   7 March 2007   845313  
sure you should mail me. i didnt read it tho
RoxyStarPrincess says:   8 March 2007   664961  
ok! LOL LOL lol
CrackyMcLacky says:   9 March 2007   119622  
*stares at page* i dont a have personal ad but i like to stare at the pretty page
RoxyStarPrincess says:   10 March 2007   431677  
thank you lol
lilmissmarie says:   17 March 2007   728845  
hi ill talk
RoxyStarPrincess says:   17 March 2007   398398  
cool i will add you
lilmissmarie says:   17 March 2007   223985  
hi roxy
RoxyStarPrincess says:   17 March 2007   155853  
Danielle10 says:   16 May 2007   242657  

Myia says:   4 December 2008   238435  
hey, im open to anyone that wants to have a penpal!

including u!

mail me!
The_girl_that_plays_with_fire10123 says :   7 October 2011   520854  
Hi. I just wanna talk to ppl! Message me <3
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