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The Rose of Faith Darkening

~Skies Darkening~

I look up, look up at our sky of blue happiness,
Not many people enjoy their life,some hate so bad they commit suicide..
But not me, i burn...burn slowly as i try to survive this cold, cold world.
I have a bitter taste of what this sky will become.
Darkness, Coldness.....Hopless,
But why is it sooo hard to find someone who cares?
Life starts now, so take me under to your dreams and show me your predictions of life...
But one thing life shouldn't start with is pain...pain is such a strong thing,
With out love, what else is their in life, besides money and family???
I continue to walk towards the darkening of the skies, as others scream and run in terror and fear.
Everyone is scared...but how come i'm not???
Well i was born like this, in pain and unloved (as i still am).
I don't know what to do!
I look up one last time at our skies darkening, feeling pain and unloved like me..
My last look, My last minutes of Life...
This is it, This is more pain coming
I continue to walk towards the darkness, the pain, the over rated side.
I stand there, looking up, as people look at me...
I raise up my hands and down on my knees,
I live my last minute of life whispering "i can hardly wait to leave this cold place".........
I fall to the ground, eyes closed, body still, not breathing...i had lived my last second of life....
And go home
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  RoseofFaith — Page created: 21 December 2009
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