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Bebe Vox came to my school!

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Today Bebe Vox visited my school! She is touring 100 schools throughout britain!!!!


Some people are born to sing, especially if you’re Welsh and your name is Bebe Vox, a phenomenally talented, bubbly
young woman from Swansea who has somehow managed to sound like the best elements of Kylie and Britney, but in a new and
fresh way. Even a quick listen to her debut single “All This Time (Feat. Ad-apt)” will tell you that this is a song
surely destined for the charts to herald the arrival of the country’s most radiant new pop star.

“I've always been a huge fan of pop music,” she says, explaining how music forms many of her key early memories. 
“I remember when I was 4 years old, being looked after by my older sister one evening, watching Kylie on Top of the
Pops.  Right then and there I told her what I wanted to do when I grew up - sing.”

She was born in 1983 in Swansea, Wales to parents working in the clothing business.  She attended the local
comprehensive school where she did not feel comfortable confessing to being a lover of the performing arts.  And so, for
the next few years, she combined forcing dance routines on her older brother and younger sister with performing at
Stagecoach, where she quickly excelled.

Meanwhile, she also shone at athletics and netball to such an extent that she represented the local county, but again
refused to focus on it too much in case it got in the way of her overriding passion.  She sailed through her GCSEs and
A-levels, then went on to university where she studied graphic design.

By this time she sang wherever and whenever she could - in the shower, at her local church, at youth clubs.  She danced,
too, with friends, and soon became known as a fun loving, talented, all-round entertainer.  Her dad, convinced of her
natural ability, encouraged her to get some vocal training.  She did and her new tutor was incredibly impressed.

“He suggested I sing opera, because he thought I had the lungs for it.  I was grateful for the compliment, of course I
was, but opera wasn’t really something I wanted to pursue.  My love for pop music was still too strong, I suppose.”

Although her first love has always been singing, she still managed to get a first class honours degree.  Soon after
this, she started working in a graphic design company, where she wasted little time in establishing herself.  This, she
knew, could well go on to become her career if she wasn’t careful.

But then, in 2007, her boyfriend alerted her to a national singing competition, one that didn’t throw its contestants
into the harsh and unforgiving glare of Saturday night television, but rather in halls up and down the country.  Bethan
immediately thought, “Why not?”  She entered, got through the preliminary stages, then the latter ones, and went on
to win it.  Now, suddenly, she was a name, the music industry quickly beginning to recognize a new raw talent.  She
chose to sign to a small independent label in Manchester called Movation, and for the last year or so now has been
taking her time to develop herself, methodically, into a fully rounded artist, one not here for a quick buck, for 15
minutes, but the long haul.

And now, in early 2010, she is ready.

“My first single is due out soon,” she says about “All This Time”, currently scheduled for release on April 26,
“and I am so excited.”

She is adamant, however, that she will continue to progress at a grassroots level, and so she will spend much of the
early part of the year performing in schools up and down the country, in order to spread the name - BeBe, based on her
initials, Vox, because how better to refer to someone with a voice like hers - and to become an unavoidable name to

BeBe Vox is poised to be let loose.  “All This Time” is just the first step and when her debut album comes out she
will be revealed as not just another pop performer, but as one-of-a-kind, someone who really was born to do this. 

bbe vox

Pictures from fablegirl(me) on photobucket
Bio from
video from youtube
and the rest from me!


you can buy her track from!

Her single all this time will come out next week into the charts!
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