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Requests, Art Trades, and RANDOMS.

's right, y'alls. I'm bored as 'ell with drawing whatever comes out of that scribble I made. SO. TELL ME WHAT TO SCRIBBLE, AND I'LL SCRIBBLE IT... Or, I'll make an oekaki/ gimp drawing, but that costs KP. Giving me random but appropriate ideas for sketches? Nah, that doesn't cost anything. SO. It costs 2 kp for to make an Oekaki on here so.... Yea, I don't care how much you pay in Kp for your request. If it's a gimp drawing, then don't pay over 5 KP, it's a free program :d I never use Kupika for drawing, really... But I do ~Chibis ~Anime ~Realism ~Animals ~Landscapes or scenes ~Reference drawings ~Sketches ~Scribbles (like sketches but not as cleaned up.) If you want an example of any of them, contact me :D
imthegirlinthebackwithscars Curly brown haired girl, realistic Oekaki.Using Gimp for more space to work with, sorry. Orangecherrysoda Avatar Masquerade :D Using.... ??
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  RisingDawn — Page created: 18 August 2010  |  Last modified: 26 August 2010
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‹hypnohsis› says:   18 August 2010   665949  
Ooooooh. Pictures! Requests? Can you draw a girl with brown, curly hair? Tis
all I want, you can add anything you'd like to it. Pay first? Or pay after?
Please and thankyou :3
‹hypnohsis› says:   18 August 2010   634506  
Oh. Like half of what you needed isn't their. Hmmmm. Realisim if it's not hard, and
on oekaki please. 
RisingDawn says:   18 August 2010   997961  
Pay after :p
I'll try, start with it tomorrow or so. 
‹hypnohsis› says:   18 August 2010   612532  
M'kay. I pay as much as I want though, as long as it's above 2 kp? Your in trouble,
just like orange was. Mwahahaha. 
RisingDawn says:   18 August 2010   166409  
erm. Yea.
I'll probably donate it to an artist who actually needs KP, though, once I have more
than ten at a time, lol. (currently, I have 10 kp :/) 
‹hypnohsis› says:   18 August 2010   153960  
After I'm done, you shall have way over ten. 
RisingDawn says:   18 August 2010   796554  
Er. Thanks, I think?@Imthegirlinthebackwithscars 
‹hypnohsis› says :   18 August 2010   458015  
You'll see. 

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