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For the Knowers

Alright, I really must say I've lost all bits of whatever there might have been for Psy after what she wrote about
Will. And yea, that's still Psy, not DaKarra. making a mistake is one thing, but she doesn't seem to learn or take
suggestions at all. There is one condition in which I shall take this all back, but I doubt that that condition shall be

So, Kneyers, I would like your suggestions for a new place to learn. This will no longer be a social place; I believe
you can do that on your own time. I will have a list posted of who-all wants to have access to the pages with the
lessons on them, and that's all they will be used for. I may and may not make a separate account  for you to subscribe
to in order to see these, but we'll see.
I know thus, and thus only:

~That History, Myths and Legends, Chaos, Abilities, and Herbology/Herbalism will be covered reliably or somewhat
reliably, as long as positions for teaching can be filled
~Homework will still be. However, I'll give a monthly poll to make sure it's still manageable, and talk to the teachers
to make sure they can get it graded, first off, and that they give appropriate homework for the lesson.
~Newsletters will be sent out whenever possible and appropriate to those who decide to subscribe (see the Subscription
~There will be a lot more input on what is happening in the classes, how it is dealt with, etc. etc.
~Classes will be made so that the lessons can realistically be learned
~Disrespect will NOT be tolerated, and language should be watched.

I recommend that any of those typing up assignments in their browser use Firefox; typos are annoying and hard to sort
through. Firefox has a dictionary so that words like "ot" will be underlined in red, and right-clicking on them will
give you options to fix that. For grammar and the like, Word should be used (if you have a mac, please talk to me
privately :P)
Link to this page: copy-paste
  RisingDawn — Page created: 15 May 2010  |  Last modified: 16 May 2010
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‹INSURGENCY› says:   15 May 2010   207165  
Waiiit, Psy wrote something about me?
RisingDawn says:   15 May 2010   620276  
Deleted whatever that comment was on "so" after she went all 24/7
RisingDawn says:   15 May 2010   557411  
‹INSURGENCY› says:   15 May 2010   313122  
Of course she did >_>
Oh well, what ever
RisingDawn says:   15 May 2010   167687  
Yeah. What she put over it is what did it for me. 
‹INSURGENCY› says:   15 May 2010   814682  
What did she put over It?
RisingDawn says:   15 May 2010   356229  
"Im a dumb ass and this comment was deleted because it was SO rediculous that even I
surprised. Okay, Will was kicked out because I feel "bitchy" today cause I didn't get
last date with two guys man. Two guys. Will is a douche and a man whore and a Janea,
so I
kicked him out. Yet again,
yours TRUELY DaKarra"

What was the original?
‹INSURGENCY› says:   15 May 2010   279793  
I should have expected that.
The original was
"Alrighty then, you could have at least told us you were going to do this a while ago
And since you seem to be abandoning us yet again, at least transfer ownership to
someone then you can be rid of us and have your "social life"
(P.s. I have a life, It's called World of Warcraft, BITCH   )

So then, shall we get started then?
I propose we start up with the classes again, yes?"
RisingDawn says:   15 May 2010   531286  
Christ, she is a Bitch sometimes, no lowercase allowed.
RisingDawn says :   16 May 2010   962742  
Proud to be gay, loving the delete button. 
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