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Look at me...I look normal...Don't I

???:"You have to go to school!"
"But I don't want to!!"
I live with my mother,what happened to my father I don't know,I've never asked...Why?I don't know.

"I am dressed!"
Mom:'Err she wheres the same jacket every day!'"THEN GO TO SCHOOL!"
I quickly grab my stuff,and then I ran,I ran till she couldn't see me,
then I stoped to enjoy the morning rain,how I loved the rain.
I glanced back to see the outline of a little girl'I immedeatly knew who it was.
"Go...away...Yasashii!"I said it slow to make sure she understood.

My little sister,Yasashii,I don't see the resemblence between me and her,do you?
Yasashii:"Why do you hate me?!Why can't I just walk to school with my onee-chan?!"
"Hate is such a strong word..."I said gliding past her.

At school:
I slowy slipped in the door trying not to be noticed.I took the seat in the corner,I refuse to socialize with these
people,espacially since I'm new,the always pick on the new kid.

"Good morning class!" an older lady said while slipping through the door,the teacher,duh.
She picked up the chalk an gentaly wrote in cursive "Ms. Kikumi".
Ms. Kikumi:"The principal stoped me on my way to class and told me we'd be having a new student!Umm, would a Ookami
Nirosho stand up please?OOKAMI!"
Ms. Kikumi:"Stand up."
I stood up not taking my eyes of the desk.
Ms. Kikumi:"Would you like to say "Hi" to your new classmates?"
Ms. Kikumi:"I can see your gonna be a trouble maker.Do you know what we do with trouble makers?"
"What talk them to death?" The class bursted out laughing.
Ms. Kikumi banged on her desk to get there attention.
Ms. Kikumi:"We make them apoligies in front of the class."
"Oooh apoligizing in front of the class I'm so scared.I see nothing I have done wrong.You asked me a question,I gave an
She cooled down after that,we had class,yawn.I hate being the new kid.
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WINNETHEPOOH says:   19 August 2008   189345  
i really really like it
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THis is awesome!!!!

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