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Open For Requests


Hey guys, this is Namina and this is my Requests account!!!
 Below is a copy of what is written on my profile page. Its almost everything you need to know about requesting from me.

Also, if you would like to see examples of my work check out these accounts and the oekakis in them:


all of them are me but only this account is where you can make requests please. I also do art trades and collabs. So
yeah, also you can check out my other kupipage of other oekaki's i have done on other sites. so enjoy and i hope you do
business with me!!!  

Tell me: what you would like me to draw, with anything you want in it
like if you want a rainbow in your eyes or something, idk
but gimme the specifics and ill figure out a pose and make you a
beautiful pic!!!

so i do ask that you transfer the kp first, this just allows me to
make sure i have enough kp to draw everytime. also it 
allows me to be able to have over 35kp so if you dont think the
oekaki was worth all that you paid, ill return the amount you
paid minus 4kp (the 3 used for the oekaki and 1 for my trouble) or if
i have to do a WIP i will usually still only take out 4 kp
but it depends on how rude you are. If your like: "its ugly, and it
took too long to make it! i never should have asked you, your a
terrible artist"
 not only am i gonna smack you virtually on the face, but i wont
return any kp to you. 
so be nice. and everything will go smoothly. 

so here is the list of costs which will vary depending on if i know
you, or if you seem really nice or dont have enough kp
but keep in mind this is not a charity, so dont get mad that i wont
do it for free just because you put me on your friends list
that DOES NOT make us friends. kk?
(trust me, this happens more than you could imagine...probly more so
for better artists like yuyu or bizharra)

details about pricing:

1 person:  5kp
1 person with specific background/details: 7kp

2 people: 7kp
2 people with specific background/details: 10kp

3 people: 9kp
3 people with specific background/details: 13kp

4 or more people: 15kp
4 or more with specific background/details: 20kp

keep in mind that these prices are pretty cheap, though i know not
everyone has a ton of kp to waste on requests. 
but there are some artists (whom i will admit are INFINITLY better
than I am) who ask for 50kp for a one person drawing
so yeah...
i feel like i am improving which is why i went from 4kp to 5kp and
charge 20kp for 
4 or more people with specific background/details
more than one person takes a while and will take some WIPs which is
why I ask for 20kp
if you want something done well you have to take some time doing it.

I also have the right to ask for more kp if you want more than 4
people, cause frankly...more than 4 takes a while and a lot of WIPs
cause otherwise it gets sloppy if i try to do it all at once. But I
wont be like
"oh you want 5 people? okay I want 50kp" 
thats unreasonable. 
but I hope I will get some good business!!!

so please make some awsome requests!!!
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TwistedxMind says:   23 November 2008   172933  
Do you think you could wait, Cuz I got
a few more kupikas to go before I can
transfer? Then I'll tell you when I have 
enough. Please??
MewMewSugar says:   23 November 2008   976288  
Is it alright if we do an art trade? Because I don't have any KP to transfer.
‹+ThErapY-haZArarD+› says:   14 January 2009   741895  
can u do 2 people with some details
a girl with black shoulder length hair blue eyes black high heels jeans and a blue
tanktop with some necklaces and and black short sleeve jacket
and a boy with blonde sk8ter hair green eyes ummm some muscles white and black
tennishoes jeans and a tee with blue and white on it
and i would like the girl sitting on the boys lap out side on a brown bench like in
the spring time 
and ill give you the kp as soon as you want it
‹twinkletwinklelittlestar♄.› writes:   27 April 2009   286451  
Hi, I don't have enough to transfer, however, I have almost enough to transfer on my
old account. (: So would it be ok if I paid you from there?
I'd like you to draw me and my three best friends hugging, I'll send you some pics so
you know what we look like. Also, could you write over us, 'Alana, Katie, Allanah,
Could you message me if you're able to do it, since I obviously don't want to
transfer that many kupipoints over for no reason, it would be a big waste.

Thank you! :D
‹+ThErapY-haZArarD+› says:   16 August 2009   194247  
hi can i have another one done
i want one with 2 girls
the 1st one me-with black shoulder length hair blue eyes black leggings and a purple
and blue tank top with a black jacket, jeans and purple or black converse and hoop
earrings, with a pair of glasses
the 2nd person my friend robin-brown hair half way down her back alittle bit shorter
then the 1st person, a pink jacket green eyes, purple pants, tennis shoes, , both
people smiling- and i want then like playing or tossing a hacky like a
light pink cluttered room-with lots of books and papers scattered around..and a
laptop with the a smaller image of the drawing on the screen...please
the people in the pic are me and my best friend me-angel best friend-robin
and ill give you the KP points when ever you ask for them
RubyVixen says:   11 February 2010   806185  
Hi, can you draw me with shadows behind me?
Shall I pay the KP now or after you've finished? :D
Requests says:   15 February 2010   541643  
@RubyVixen: you can pay whenever, as long as I get it. And would you like your
Avvie? and what kind of shadows? lol. just send me a message  
Motoko says :   2 May 2010   313608  
can you draw once of scourge the hedgehog and silver fighting for something?
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