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+Accomplishments Of The Years+

Well, much like the title says, instead of me writing all my accomplishments on a diary entry every year, I'll write it
down here. I'll also write the bad times, too. Every once in a while, I'll probably make it look more viewable. Let's
start off right now, shall we? 

Year 2008:

:The Good:
1. Became my own person rather than just someone's shadow.
2. Develop a taste for German music.
3. Gained backbone.
4. Modified drawing style.
5. Learned more philosophical things.
6. Experienced either Long-distanced Puppy Love.
7. Became dedicated to someone.
8. Lived a whole year of puberty. [Shuddup, this is important.]
9. Did not become a fan of someone or something because of appearance or popularity.
10. Properly use a tablet.
11. Was able to recycle characters. 
12. Self-esteem near the male population increased.
13. Lost trivial fears.

:The Bad:
1. Became a person of complete sin.
2. Had my grandmother apologize for my foolish actions.
3. Revealed the bad sides of me and classmates on film.
4. Has not gotten over first love.
5. Fought with friends for stupid matters.
6. Bitch-slapped someone because I was angry.
7. Emotions became too powerful for my own good.
8. Learned about the bad parts about my parents.
9. Found out that I was a bastard child.
10. Had my heart broke for the first time.
11. Didn't believe that my friends spoke the truth.
12. Left good memories that was replaced with horrible ones.
13. Relived major fears of the past once again.

Year 2009:

:The Good: 
1. Finally gotten over the break up.
2. Became indifferent to people I hate.
3. Learned to be myself in front of anyone.
4. Changed characters to that they are reasonable, even for the world they live in.
5. Didn't expect much out of this year, especially during birthday.
6. Let people know what I was thinking.
7. Found a third home I can love and trust.
8. Talked to someone when I needed to clear my mind. [This is also important.]
9. Sang my heart out for all the feelings I had felt.
10. Made someone's day, even when my day wasn't as good.

:The Bad:
1. Had my heart torn apart, although for different reasons than the first time.
2. Couldn't tell the person I care about my true feelings.
3. Distanced myself further away from said person.
4. Cried more often than the previous year.
5. Lost my temper more than once at people I hated.
6. Was irritated by someone I shouldn't be irritated to.
7. Still kind of miss Will.
8. Has no idea what to do for the future.
9. Is irritated by how much math I'm doing.
10. Extremely irritated.
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